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Employee Assistance Programme

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Employee Assistance Programme

Banish blue Mondays all year round with Employee Assistance...

It’s not surprising that many of us find ourselves feeling a bit flat in January, like a glass of prosecco with the fizz gone out of it. The parties are over, the decorations are down, it’s back to work, back to reality, and the miserable weather and thud of credit card bills landing on the doormat do little to lift spirits.Things aren’t helped either by the fact that since 2005, the third Monday of January has come to be designated ‘Blue Monday’, after psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall produced an equation identifying it as the most depressing day of the year. Even though Arnall’s equation was revealed to be a PR stunt, and there’s no scientific evidence that this year’s Blue Monday (15th January) will be different to any other day, there’s no doubt that at this time of year generally, people are especially susceptible to feeling down. The cold dark days of mid-winter can affect health and mood; in the workplace, the busy pre-Christmas period can put extra pressure on managers and staff; while at home, the holiday season can exacerbate relationship issues and concerns over money. Of course, the reality is that life can throw up all kinds of challenges at any time. But with Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), free support and advice is available for a wide range of practical and emotional issues all year round.

How the Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme Works

Our employer-paid benefit is a highly cost-effective way for employers to help their staff deal with virtually any problem they might find themselves facing at home or at work. By giving staff access to a telephone service they can call 24/7 to get free, impartial advice and counselling on issues in strictest confidence, this benefit helps to maintain and improve workforce health, well-being and productivity. Areas covered by our EAP include:

Emotional well-being ~ Managing stress ~ Anxiety & depression ~ Disability & illness ~ Substance & alcohol misuse ~ Addictions & compulsive behaviours ~ Personal development

Work-life balance ~ Bullying & harassment ~ Workplace pressure ~ Managing change ~ Workplace relationships ~ Careers

Family & Relationships
Childcare ~ Education ~ Elder care ~ Juggling work & family life ~ Caring for others ~ Domestic violence or abuse

Daily Living
Consumer rights ~ Health & wellness ~ Debt & money management ~ Relocation ~ Community resources

Life Events
Pregnancy & new baby ~ Adoption ~ Marriage & cohabitation ~ Separation & divorce ~ Moving home ~ Bereavement & loss ~ Retirement

These are just some of the areas covered – employees can contact their EAP for support on anything that matters to them. While all information is treated in strictest confidence, our EAP can also supplement an organisation’s HR function, providing invaluable generic data to inform management where action or training may be required.

Benefits to Employees

Supports emotional wellbeing
Provides practical, legal & financial advice on a wide range of issues
Helps prevent work related stress
Access to confidential telephone counselling 24/7

Benefits to Employers

Low premiums
No minimum numbers required
Demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing
Contributes to a healthier, happier workplace
Reduces absenteeism & increases productivity
Highlights trends, issues & overall stress levels within a company

Support employees through life’s challenges – call us today...

Introducing our Employee Assistance Programme into your organisation will help your team deal with life’s challenges, reducing stress and worry, and increasing motivation and productivity. To discuss the scheme in more detail with one of our experts, get in touch with us today on 01280 851113, or email us.


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