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Employee Health & Wellbeing

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Employee Health and Wellbeing

Look after employees...and your Business.

When writing a New Year Wish List for your business, the recruitment and retention of loyal, motivated and dependable employees is always a priority. Having the right calibre of staff not only ensures that your business is productive and successful, it also means it’s in safe hands. Now rewrite that wish list – although this time – for your everyday life. There’s likely to be a set of factors that would not only feature just as highly, but would also be shared by many of your employees: good health, strong relationships/support networks at home and work, a lack of financial worries and stress, and an enjoyable and rewarding career. And yet, for many employees, this is a time of year when life can be at its most demanding and challenging. So why not help them help themselves – and help your business benefit at the same time?

2 ways to keep employees healthy and happy

The Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme and Health Cash Plans are two employer-initiated schemes designed to help you look after one of your most valuable assets: the health and well-being of employees. Here’s how they could make a positive difference to your workforce and your business...

Employee Assistance Programme

The Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme offers strictly confidential, impartial advice and counselling via a 24-7 telephone support line. As a company-paid scheme provided free of charge to staff, it enables employees (and their immediate family) to access practical and emotional support on a range of both work and non-work related issues.

Potential topics include relationship worries, work or staff difficulties, mental health concerns (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression) and bereavement through to financial, legal and practical advice such as money matters, consumer rights, divorce, parenting plus careers and training.

As well as aiding ground-level employees, it can also supplement your HR function by highlighting prevalent trends or issues, areas of concern, and training needs, as well as providing support for managers and supervisors handling challenging or delicate situations (e.g. disciplinary or grievance scenarios, performance issues, or offering appropriate pastoral support).

Gemelli Health Cash Plans

Health Cash Plans offer a simple and affordable way for employees to benefit from healthcare cover. They enable employees to pay for their everyday healthcare and recoup up to 100% of their costs via prompt cashback payments. Designed to suit all types of businesses and budgets – and starting from as little as £1.20 per week per employee – this employer sponsored (or voluntary employee paid) savings plan can be used to cover a range of common healthcare areas including dentistry, optical, chiropody, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and specialist consultations.

The options are comprehensive, such that cover can be increased accordingly to include a partner, and other benefits such as Private Medical Insurance Excess. Dependents up to the age of 21 and in full-time education are covered free.

Scheme Benefits for Employers and Employees

Whilst each of these schemes can be introduced independently, they offer complementary benefits:

Benefits for Employers

  • Demonstrates company’s commitment towards employee well-being – increasing employee morale, engagement and loyalty
  • Reduces sickness rates and the cost and impact of long and short term absenteeism – by proactive and early monitoring/treatment of potential health problems
  • Enhances your employer reputation, and ongoing recruitment and *retention – through high perceived value of benefits
  • Integrates with occupational health strategies, supports your duty of care and contributes towards health and safety compliance

[* A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) found that 74% of employees were more likely to stay loyal to a company that offered ‘great benefits’.]

Benefits for Employees

  • Supports improved general health, and both personal and work-related emotional well-being
  • Provides comprehensive options and support – 24/7 confidential telephone advice and counselling (with 1:1 face-to-face consultations also available)

In addition to the benefits above, both schemes are easy and straightforward to initiate, with low premiums and no minimum numbers required. With Christmas coming and New Year resolutions just around the corner, there’s no better time to put your employees at the forefront of your business success. Helping employees improve and maintain their health and well-being will serve to help your productivity. Quite simply, if you look after them – they’ll look after you.

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