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Mobile Phones and Home Technology Employee Benefit News

Gemelli Launch Mobile Phone & Home Technology Schemes...

Every month, we bring you news and updates on flexible, tax-efficient ways that help employees and employers save money. And this month is no exception. Why? Because we’ve just launched our new Mobile Phone and Home Technology Schemes. They’re new schemes that let employees take advantage of state-of-the-art technology: from mobile phone devices to a comprehensive range of home technology equipment – whilst enjoying savings.

Gemelli Mobile Phone Scheme

Everyone now has a mobile or smartphone. As long as it’s for your personal use, our new scheme allows you to get your hands on the latest mobile technology of your choice and spread the cost over 24 months. It’s on a salary exchange basis so, as such, it’s free from tax and National Insurance – giving you potential savings of between 32% and 42%. It certainly beats High Street prices. Moreover, there’s an extensive range of handsets, tariff providers and packages to choose from.

Gemelli Home Technology Scheme

Our second new scheme is also operated via salary exchange over 24 months, and is an effective way for employers to help employees fund the cost of a wide range of home technology. It’s designed to help employees develop their IT skills away from the workplace by offering them access to laptops, PCs, tablets and printers. It even extends to TVs, Home Entertainment & Sound Systems, audio equipment, games consoles, cameras and iPods.

Benefits for both Employees and Employers

As you’d expect, both of these new schemes are packed full of great opportunities and benefits:

Employee Benefits

  • Access to the latest technology and accessories
  • Considerable savings vs High Street prices (up to 42%)
  • Affordable monthly pay reduction
  • No credit checks or deposit required

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Increased employee motivation and engagement
  • Low risk, and backed up by expert support for added peace of mind
  • Easy to implement – with fully managed service
  • Can facilitate migration towards ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy

The Gemelli Mobile Phone & Home Technology Schemes are fantastic new additions to our Employee Benefits portfolio, and provide even more opportunity for both staff and businesses to save money in a tax-efficient way.

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