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Our Approach

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Flexibility and choice for both employers and employees…

Gemelli take a personal approach, tailoring employee benefits packages to suit the culture and needs of the business and the employee needs no matter how large or small the organisation. No minimum numbers are required for many of our schemes. We will work with employers as an extension of the management or HR team to develop, promote, manage and administer an employee benefits package that meets the expectations and wishes of the employees.  Choose from our extensive range of benefits.  

Our schemes are managed and fully administered in-house - providing you with peace of mind that your employees will be completely satisfied and leaving you free to concentrate on your business. We understand that everyone has different budgets and we can provide a variety of packages – ranging from just Salary Exchange Benefits which will give you an overall saving to company paid enhanced benefits (a portion of which could be covered by savings achieved with the Salary Exchange Benefits).

What motivates one person can be very different to another – we will get to know your team and what makes them tick.

“Our aim is to provide money saving and work/life balance benefits, helping progressive companies to recruit, retain and motivate their employees.”