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The smart way to manage Employee Benefits...

Employee benefit schemes are a permanent fixture on the workplace landscape. Successful organisations recognise the important role they have to play in helping to recruit, motivate and retain the brightest and the best, and employees love the added value and increased flexibility they deliver. Of course, every employee is unique, which means the key to a really effective benefit programme is to offer staff a diverse range of benefit options, so they can select to take up those that best suit their individual requirements and circumstances. Easy to say, but the challenge for employers is how to communicate and manage multiple benefits – likely to be supplied by several providers, while keeping the impact on internal resources to an absolute minimum. Exactly the problem we set out to address when we developed My Benefits Base, a highly cost-effective solution that reduces the time required to manage and administrate employee benefit schemes – while helping to increase their uptake and effectiveness.

My Benefits Base - Highlights

Host all your employee benefits in one location: Linked to your corporate website or intranet, My Benefits Base is an online portal where you can collate all the employee benefits you offer your team – not just those supplied by Gemelli, but by other providers too.

Reduce your admin: By making all scheme details and forms available online, My Benefits Base significantly reduces internal communication and administration. All information, FAQ’s and registration facilities relating to benefits provided by Gemelli are administered by us.

Increase scheme uptake: My Benefits Base makes keeping staff updated with any changes to benefit packages quick and cost-effective.

Easy, convenient access from anywhere, anytime: Employees and management can securely access My Benefits Base from any device at any time to see information on core benefits, salary sacrifice and voluntary benefit schemes. As well as supporting information and links to benefits from other providers, My Benefits Base can also be used to host in-house benefits such as employee allowances and discount schemes.

Branded to your business: My Benefits Base is branded to your business, with your logo and any bespoke content you want included. 

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