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Car Benefit Scheme

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Gemelli Car Benefit Employee Scheme

A new car & the chance to WIN the first year FREE

Car ownership brings freedom and independence – but it also brings bills, and worrying about the cost of motoring can take the fun out of driving. Not anymore. Gemelli have teamed up with Tusker, the UK’s leading car benefit company, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a scheme that gives employees the opportunity to drive a brand-new car for a fixed monthly payment that includes all motoring outgoings apart from fuel. What’s more, anyone placing an order for a brand-new car through Gemelli’s Car Benefit Scheme before 31st May 2018 will have the chance to win their first year FREE – paid for by Tusker! *    *(Terms & conditions apply –

Gemelli Car Benefit Scheme Highlights

No deposit, no credit checks - The scheme requires no deposit payments and no checks on credit history

No bills – just add fuel - One monthly payment covers everything including insurance, road tax, replacement tyres, breakdown cover, servicing, MOT and maintenance. All drivers need to do is add fuel

Better for the environment - All cars on the scheme have their carbon offset to make them carbon neutral, and in adition, employers can select to introduce a CO2 emissions limit for cars in their fleet. So, as well as being a great way to help employees drive new cars, the scheme can help a business meet its environmental objectives too.

Tax & NI savings for ULV drivers - Employees who opt for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) with CO2 emissions of 75 and below can take advantage of tax and NI savings.

Low cost & easy to implement - The scheme costs little for employers to implement, is risk-free, hands-free and can be introduced into companies with any number of employees. Gemelli’s clever online system reduces admin to make running the scheme simple, and we work with employers to promote the scheme and ensure it’s easy for staff to take up.

Example savings - Audi A3 Sportback SE 1.6 TDI

Gemelli Car Scheme
Mileage: 10,000
Term: 36 Months
Deposit: £0
APR (%): n/a
Net cost/month
Insurance: INCLUDED
Breakdown Cover: INCLUDED
Service (Labour & Parts): INCLUDED
Early Termination Protection
End of Agreement
Optional price to purchase based
on market value & condition
Net cost/month
Personal Contract Purchase
Mileage: 10,000
Term: 36 Months
Deposit: £3000
APR (%): 6.3%
Net cost/month
Insurance: £41.68
Road Tax: £15
Breakdown Cover: £4.17
Tyres: £11.42
Service (Labour & Parts): £36.17
Early Termination Protection
End of
£11 461.75
Net cost/month



A new car in time for summer

Save money, enjoy worry-free motoring – and win your first year of motoring absolutely FREE!* For more details on the Gemelli Car Benefit Scheme, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

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