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Salary Exchange Cars

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Salary Exchange Car Scheme from Gemelli Employee Benefits

How Would You Like A New Car and An Easier Life?

Just imagine: stress-free driving in a brand new car that’s tax efficient, fuel-friendly, and affordable. How good would that be? The Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Scheme makes this readily achievable. Organisations can sign up to enable their staff to purchase a new car of their choice, whether it’s for just 1 employee or 1,000, and have them drive away a fully-maintained and insured vehicle for up to 3 years – along with a fully-inclusive motoring package. Operated on a salary exchange basis, it allows users to pay for their new car by exchanging a portion of their gross salary and, as such, benefit from tax and National Insurance savings. The scheme can also be extended to direct family members.

Gemelli Car Scheme – Just Fuel and Go...

Since everything is included, all you really need to remember is fuel. If companies are moving from company cars to cash allowance – this scheme can help promote this. The Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Scheme offers a new approach to salary exchange cars, and provides tax-efficient and meaningful benefits to a company and its employees. Quite simply, you can just ‘fuel and go!’

Benefits for Employers and Employees...

As you’ve come to expect from a Gemelli Salary Exchange Scheme, our Car Scheme is packed full of great opportunities and benefits:

Employer Benefits

  • Financial savings on Employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Demonstrates company’s commitment towards employees – increasing employee recruitment and motivation, and both retention and engagement
  • Enhances company’s environmental policy, ‘Green’ credentials, and corporate social responsibility
  • No minimum employee numbers required to initiate scheme
  • No financial risk or liability for the employer
  • Minimal administration – Gemelli takes care of this for you

Employee Benefits

  • Drive a new car of your choice for significantly less than before
  • Tax and N.I. savings on vehicle and running costs
  • Additional savings via fleet discounts
  • No credit checks
  • No deposit required
  • Fixed-cost, affordable monthly salary reductions
  • Option to renew/upgrade at end of lease agreement
  • Purchases also available to partners and members of employee’s immediate family

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