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Childcare Vouchers...More uses than you might think.

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Back to school in September... and with more uses and benefits than you might think...
As pupils settle into their new classes, many working parents are contemplating the rising costs that make paying for childcare one of the biggest challenges that they face today – and wondering how they’re going to balance their finances. Gemelli Childcare Vouchers make quality childcare more affordable. They provide a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way for employers to help their employees with registered childcare costs. Operated on a salary exchange basis, this employee benefit is free from tax and National Insurance, allowing working parents to pay for childcare out of their gross salary.

A wide range of uses...
While many may be familiar with the general details of Childcare Voucher Schemes, what’s often not recognised is their versatility and longevity. For instance, they’re not solely limited to more traditional childcare settings – Gemelli Childcare Vouchers can be used for any of the following: 

  • Nurseries, playgroups and crèches
  • Childminders, Nannies and Au Pairs
  • Before and After-School Clubs
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Day, weekly, or termly boarding
  • Tutoring and Education Centres

Moreover, neither are they just for use with pre-school children. Because they can be used for childcare up to the age of 15 (or 16 if there is a disability), their flexibility and the length of time over which they can be used is a real advantage.

Benefits for both Employees and Employer
Introduced by the Government to help support working parents, the scheme benefits both employee and employer:

Employee Benefits

  • Overall reduction of childcare costs
  • Annual savings of up to £933 (£77 per month) in Tax and National Insurance
  • Opportunity to double annual savings to £1,866 if both parents are registered in the scheme
  • Assists in planning and management of household finances – ability to budget monthly (and option to contribute as little as £10 per month)
  • Freedom to choose when and how you use the vouchers: Can be banked for future use with no time limit or expiry date
  • Option of Paydirect or an account
  • It’s not means-tested

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions – up to £402 per employee per year
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to employee support and welfare
  • Increases morale, motivation and engagement
  • Supports strong recruitment and retention – and facilitates and incentivises return to work
  • The scheme is self-financing
  • Simple and flexible to set up – options for minimal self-administration or let Gemelli take care of everything

Gemelli Childcare Vouchers are a great way for working parents who pay for their childcare – and their employers – to save themselves money. They don’t just offer cost-saving benefits either: parents can take advantage of their versatility and employers from the support benefits that they bring their employees. All in all, it consistently proves to be yet another highly cost-effective way for businesses and their employees to mutually prosper.

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