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Childcare Vouchers News from Gemelli Employee Benefits

Changes to the Childcare Voucher Scheme are due to come into force in autumn 2015, but the Government’s new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) plans have already received criticism: They will not be available for households with only one working parent, initially not for children over 5, it may leave one child families worse off  and parents will have to reapply every three months.

Until TFC comes into force though, employers can still offer staff the existing salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher Scheme. This current scheme, provides parents with vouchers and gives an annual tax saving of up to £933 per parent employee. Open to any size of business, employers can administer the salary sacrifice scheme themselves, or use a voucher provider who will operate the scheme on their behalf.

Heather Start, Director of Gemelli Employee Benefits said: “There’s still time for small business owners to make significant savings on childcare for themselves and for all companies to help their employees through the salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher Scheme. As well as helping working parents, businesses will also save up to £400 on Employers NI contributions per year per employee – why wait when you can make savings now.”

Any employees who are on the current Childcare Voucher Scheme prior to autumn 2015 will be able to continue receiving Childcare Vouchers until their child no longer qualifies, or until they move to a new employer.  This will keep their options open until they know which scheme suits them best.

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