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A new bike this Spring...

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Cycle to Work this Spring

Spring is here...time to get a new bike & cycle to work.

Spring is here again, and with it the promise of longer, lighter, warmer days stretching out into summer. What better time to begin a new, healthier regime, to leave the car at home and start cycling to work?

Using a bike to commute is a great way to save money and keep fit. Wake up with the morning commute and unwind on the ride back home. If cycling to work is something you’ve been thinking about, spring is the perfect time to start, our Cycle to Work scheme makes it easy and affordable.

Cycle to Work is a government initiative designed to encourage more people to use bikes as a greener way to travel to and from work. The scheme operates on a salary exchange basis, employees select to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of a new bike and cycle safety accessories without having to pay Tax or National Insurance on the amount they choose to spend (up to a total value of £1,000).

You can save up to 42% on the cost of a brand new bike and/or accessories. Plus the scheme allows you to spread your payments over 12 or 18 months.

Get your new bike from the supplier of your choice. Getting your bike couldn’t be easier. Simply select the model you want from the cycle retailer of your choice and leave the rest to Gemelli. We’ll take care of everything else for you, including completing paperwork, liaising with your supplier and organising delivery.

  • Benefits to Employees
    • Save up to 42% on a bike and accessories
    • Spread cost over 12 or 18 months
    • Use bike supplier of your choice
    • Cut the cost of travel to work by leaving your car at home
    • Improve personal health and fitness levels
  • Benefits to Employers
    • Save on Employer’s NI contributions
    • Improves environmental credentials
    • Supports the Green Travel Plan
    • Contributes to reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity
    • Scheme is self-financing


Ready to ride? Contact us today...

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