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Holiday Exchange

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Holiday Exchange Employee Benefit Scheme

Enjoy a better work-life balance with our Holiday Exchange Scheme

Getting the perfect work-life balance is a goal we’re all continually striving to achieve. No matter how much we might love our job, it’s important to our physical and mental well-being that we find time to do the things that make us happy outside of the workplace. Of course, we’ll all have very different ideas about what the ‘life’ part of the equation means to us, but whatever it is, it will involve time – and sometimes our regular annual leave allowance may not be sufficient.

Our Holiday Exchange Scheme gives employees the option to extend their annual leave allowance by purchasing additional days to use as they wish. Extra days could help with a special event like going on an extended, once in a lifetime holiday, getting married, moving house, or simply taking time out to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Operating on a salary exchange basis, the scheme lets employees spread the cost of buying extra days across 12 monthly instalments – while their employer saves on the Tax and National Insurance Contributions they have to pay. In fact, the Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme offers a range of direct and indirect benefits to employers and employees alike:

Benefits to Employers

  • Helps attract and recruit the best staff
  • Motivates staff, engenders loyalty and improves retention
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces payroll costs and saves up to 13.8% on Employer’s National Insurance contributions

Benefits to Employees

  • Improves wellbeing and promotes a better work-life balance
  • Gives greater freedom and flexibility
  • Saves up to 47% in tax and National Insurance contributions
  • Spreads cost of extra days over 12 months

It’s not just large organisations that are able to take advantage of our Holiday Exchange Scheme, it’s available to companies of all sizes – even those that have just a few employees. Gemelli will take care of all administration, getting the scheme up and running which will include tailoring the scheme to suit the business, so that all employers and employees have to do is start enjoying the benefits.

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