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Employee Assistance Programme from Gemelli Employee Benefits

Confidential Support & Advice for Life’s Challenges...
Introducing Gemelli's Employee Assistance Programme. It’s an understatement to say that modern life can be complicated. Work, family, relationships, finances, health and much more besides, there’s a lot to juggle. Even when everything is going well, balancing all of these areas can be demanding, and it doesn’t take much to upset the equilibrium; a problem at home or at work can cause worry and stress, and can escalate quickly if not addressed. At some time or another, we’ve probably all been guilty of ignoring a problem, pasting on a false smile and telling people everything is fine, when really it’s not. Taking this approach only serves to prolong things and make them worse – either in reality, or in our perception. 

Whether an issue is work-related or personal, a good part of the solution will usually involve talking it through with someone who can offer advice and support. Depending on the nature of the problem however, finding someone who is knowledgeable and impartial may not always be easy. Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme ensures that access to professional, confidential support and advice on a wide range of practical and emotional issues is only ever a phone call away.

How the Scheme Works
Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a company-paid benefit that employers can provide free of charge to staff. It enables employees – and their immediate family, to access impartial advice and counselling on work and non-work related issues in strictest confidence. 

A 24/7 telephone support line manned by highly qualified professionals provides expertise on many topics. These are just some of the areas covered – employees can contact their EAP for support on anything that matters to them. As well as helping employees, an EAP can also supplement an organisation’s HR function by highlighting prevalent trends or issues, areas of concern, and training needs.


Emotional well-being
Stress, anxiety & depression
Disability & illness
Substance & alcohol misuse
Addictions & behaviours
Personal development


Work-life balance
Bullying & harassment
Workplace pressure
Managing change
Workplace relationships

Family & Relationships

Elder care
Juggling work & family
Caring for others
Domestic abuse

Daily Living

Consumer rights
Health & wellness
Debt & money
Community resources

Life Events

Pregnancy & new baby
Marriage & cohabitation
Separation & divorce
Bereavement & loss


Benefits to Employees
Supports emotional wellbeing
Provides practical, legal & financial advice on a wide range of issues
Helps prevent work related stress
Access to confidential telephone counselling 24/7​

Benefits to Employers
Low premiums
No minimum numbers required
Demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing
Contributes to a healthier, happier workplace
Reduces absenteeism & increases productivity
Highlights trends, issues & overall stress levels within a company

Address the Stress – Call us Today...
A stress-free team is a happy and productive team. Get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to discuss the Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

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