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Save as you Learn

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Work Related Training Employee Benefit Scheme

Gemelli’s Save as you Learn Scheme...Making Work-Related Training More Affordable

Employees undertaking training to attain a professional qualification increase their career progression prospects and earning potential; and companies encouraging workforce upskilling gain a valuable competitive advantage. But while professional training has significant advantages for both employees and their employers, the cost of courses, and the requirement to pay in advance and in full can make it inaccessible to many employees. Gemelli’s Save as you Learn scheme puts affordable training within reach of any employee looking to extend their skills and further their career. Operating on a salary exchange basis, employees can opt to exchange part of their salary to cover all (or a proportion) of the cost of their preferred training course. Employees paying for training through Save as you Learn don’t pay National Insurance on the value of their chosen course, saving them up to 12% – and instead of paying everything up front, they can spread the cost over 6 to 12 months.

How the Scheme Works

The employee identifies a course or training they want to undertake to help them do their job better, or further their prospects in the organisation. It can be online or classroom-based training, learning a language, or anything else as long as it’s relevant to their current or a future role, and is approved by their employer. Gemelli will prepare a cost / saving illustration, and once this has been approved, will issue a Salary Exchange Agreement and book the training course with the relevant provider. The cost of the training will be divided into equal payments to be deducted from the employee’s salary over a period of 6 or 12 months.

Savings Illustration

Save as you Learn
Course Cost: £1000
Cost to Employee: £880
Net Saving: £120


Benefits to Employees

- Save up to 12% on training costs
Spread training costs over 6 to12 months
Increase work-related skills & enhance promotion prospects
Achieve personal goals

Benefits to Employers

Engender a culture of professional development
Increase productivity & create competitive advantage
Demonstrate commitment to staff & increase employee engagement

Start Saving on Training Today...

To find out more about the Gemelli Save as you Learn scheme, get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to talk with one of our employee benefit experts, or email us.

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