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Company Benefits

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Cut Living Costs...

The rising cost of living doesn’t have to mean cutting back, tightening your belt or making do with second best. Gemelli’s range of voluntary employee benefit schemes give you access to specially negotiated discounts on a diverse selection of products and services.To show you just how easily you can cut the cost of living in 2016, here are just a selection of our most popular voluntary benefit schemes:

Home Utilities

For most of us, energy and telecoms will make up a large part of our monthly outgoings. We’ve teamed up with The Utility Warehouse (as recommended by the consumer publication Which?) to bring you substantial savings on a wide range of utility services. Save on gas, electricity, broadband, home phone & mobile bills. Double the difference price promise. No minimum contract term.

Home Appliances*

From fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, to vacuum cleaners, food mixers and coffee dispensers, we depend on home appliances to make our lives easier. Quality products can be expensive, but register for this voluntary benefit and you – and your immediate family – will be eligible for great discounts on large and small home appliances from Bosch. Free home delivery. Access to special offers. Free 2 year appliance warranty.14 day ‘no quibble’ return policy.

Retail Discounts*

This scheme gives employees access to a wide range of money-saving deals that can be redeemed on the high street, online and over the phone, extending spending power on everything from shopping, gifts, gadgets, eating out, holidays….and much, much more besides! 5 ways to save with online savings, discount card, reloadable shopping cards, cashback and telephone shopping offers.

Health Cash Plans*

Operated in partnership with Health Shield, this voluntary benefit offers simple and affordable cover to help meet every day healthcare expenses. Starting from just £1.20 a week for basic cover, there are health cash plans to suit all pockets, and you can upgrade whenever you like. Simply have your treatment, then claim back part or all of the cost depending on your level of cover. Dependent children covered FREE up to the age of 21 in full-time education. Cover includes: dental, optical, chiropody, physiotherapy, specialist consultations and hospital bills. No medical or GP referral required.

Wills & Estate Planning  

We work with members of the Society of Will Writers to bring you this benefit which gives you access to independent professional advice on a fixed priced basis. More than two thirds of UK adults put off making a will until it’s too late. The consequences for those left behind can be disastrous. Now you can get a properly drafted will in place to protect your dependents and provide you with peace of mind. Fixed prices & 10% discount on published prices. Option for convenient Skype or telephone appointments. Comprehensive advice, including wills, power of attorney, funeral plans, trusts & probate.

* Some schemes will require your employer’s involvement.

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Are you ready to cut the cost of living in 2016? Would you like to spend less on bills and have more money to use for those things you really want? Call us now on 01280 851113 to discuss any of our voluntary employee benefit schemes in more detail, or email us 

Employee Health & Wellbeing

Look after employees...and your Business.

When writing a New Year Wish List for your business, the recruitment and retention of loyal, motivated and dependable employees is always a priority. Having the right calibre of staff not only ensures that your business is productive and successful, it also means it’s in safe hands. Now rewrite that wish list – although this time – for your everyday life. There’s likely to be a set of factors that would not only feature just as highly, but would also be shared by many of your employees: good health, strong relationships/support networks at home and work, a lack of financial worries and stress, and an enjoyable and rewarding career. And yet, for many employees, this is a time of year when life can be at its most demanding and challenging. So why not help them help themselves – and help your business benefit at the same time?

2 ways to keep employees healthy and happy

The Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme and Health Cash Plans are two employer-initiated schemes designed to help you look after one of your most valuable assets: the health and well-being of employees. Here’s how they could make a positive difference to your workforce and your business...

Employee Assistance Programme

The Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme offers strictly confidential, impartial advice and counselling via a 24-7 telephone support line. As a company-paid scheme provided free of charge to staff, it enables employees (and their immediate family) to access practical and emotional support on a range of both work and non-work related issues.

Potential topics include relationship worries, work or staff difficulties, mental health concerns (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression) and bereavement through to financial, legal and practical advice such as money matters, consumer rights, divorce, parenting plus careers and training.

As well as aiding ground-level employees, it can also supplement your HR function by highlighting prevalent trends or issues, areas of concern, and training needs, as well as providing support for managers and supervisors handling challenging or delicate situations (e.g. disciplinary or grievance scenarios, performance issues, or offering appropriate pastoral support).

Gemelli Health Cash Plans

Health Cash Plans offer a simple and affordable way for employees to benefit from healthcare cover. They enable employees to pay for their everyday healthcare and recoup up to 100% of their costs via prompt cashback payments. Designed to suit all types of businesses and budgets – and starting from as little as £1.20 per week per employee – this employer sponsored (or voluntary employee paid) savings plan can be used to cover a range of common healthcare areas including dentistry, optical, chiropody, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and specialist consultations.

The options are comprehensive, such that cover can be increased accordingly to include a partner, and other benefits such as Private Medical Insurance Excess. Dependents up to the age of 21 and in full-time education are covered free.

Scheme Benefits for Employers and Employees

Whilst each of these schemes can be introduced independently, they offer complementary benefits:

Benefits for Employers

  • Demonstrates company’s commitment towards employee well-being – increasing employee morale, engagement and loyalty
  • Reduces sickness rates and the cost and impact of long and short term absenteeism – by proactive and early monitoring/treatment of potential health problems
  • Enhances your employer reputation, and ongoing recruitment and *retention – through high perceived value of benefits
  • Integrates with occupational health strategies, supports your duty of care and contributes towards health and safety compliance

[* A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) found that 74% of employees were more likely to stay loyal to a company that offered ‘great benefits’.]

Benefits for Employees

  • Supports improved general health, and both personal and work-related emotional well-being
  • Provides comprehensive options and support – 24/7 confidential telephone advice and counselling (with 1:1 face-to-face consultations also available)

In addition to the benefits above, both schemes are easy and straightforward to initiate, with low premiums and no minimum numbers required. With Christmas coming and New Year resolutions just around the corner, there’s no better time to put your employees at the forefront of your business success. Helping employees improve and maintain their health and well-being will serve to help your productivity. Quite simply, if you look after them – they’ll look after you.

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If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our Employee Assistance Programme and/or Health Cash Plans, call us now on 01280 851113. Alternatively, email us.

A New Bike for Christmas

Get fit & save money in 2016 with the Gemelli Cycle to Work Scheme

Bikes and Christmas were made for each other – few other things manage to combine excitement and practicality in equal measures. Using a bike to commute makes a lot of sense – it’s fun, relatively inexpensive and a great way to stay healthy. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about but not got around to yet, our Cycle to Work scheme is just the incentive you need to get in the saddle. 

Cycle to Work is a Government initiative to encourage more people to use bikes as a greener way to travel to and from work. The scheme operates on a salary exchange basis, which means an employee can select to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of a bike and safety accessories up to a value of £1,000 – without having to pay Tax or National Insurance on the value. It means you can save up to 42% on the cost of a brand new bike and/or accessories. What’s more, you can spread the payments over 12 or 18 months.

Get a new bike from wherever you like...

Getting your bike couldn’t be easier. You simply select the model you want – from the cycle retailer of your choice, and Gemelli will take care of everything else – from completing the paperwork, liaising with your supplier and organising delivery!

Benefits to Employees

  • Save up to 42% on a bike and accessories
  • Spread cost over 12 or 18 months
  • Use bike supplier of your choice
  • Improve health and fitness levels

Benefits to Employers

  • Save on Employer’s NI contributions
  • Improves environmental credentials
  • Supports the Green Travel Plan
  • Contributes to reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity
  • Scheme is self-financing

Get your bike in time for Christmas

To find out more about the Gemelli Cycle to Work scheme – and to make sure there’s a new bike under your Christmas tree this year, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Save on parking costs

Save Money on Parking with the Gemelli Parking at Work Scheme...

For many people, getting to work means having to get in the car. Often though, travel is only part of the expense of the daily commute. In towns and cities especially, many employers struggle to provide sufficient parking for their workforce, with the result that staff will frequently have no option other than using the nearest private or local authority car park. The cost of parking in inner city areas can be substantial, and discounted rates are only available for those individuals who are able to afford to pay in advance for a season ticket. If you have to pay to park close by to your workplace – or if your employer requires you to pay a fee to park on site, our Parking at Work scheme offers a simple, flexible money-saving solution. 

Parking at Work is a salary exchange scheme: An employee can choose to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of their parking permit or season ticket – without having to pay any Tax or National Insurance on the value. As well as being able to save up to 47% on the cost of parking, the scheme enables an employee to spread the cost over 12 months. The scheme applies to parking vans and motorcycles as well as cars, and subject to approval, you can select any car park that’s within reasonable distance of your place of work.

Savings Illustration...

Basic Rate Tax Payer
Annual Parking Cost  £1000
Cost to Employee  £680
Net Saving  £320
Higher Rate Tax Payer
Annual Parking Cost  £1000
Cost to Employee  £580
Net Saving  £420






Benefits to employees...

  • Save up to 47% on parking costs
  • ​Get access to season ticket discounts
  • ​Spread costs over 12 months

Benefits to employers...

  • Save on Employer’s NIC
  • Help your staff park at or close to their workplace
  • Assists with employee recruitment, retention and motivation 
  • ​Scheme is self-financing

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If you’d like to find out more about Parking at Work, call us now on 01280 851113 to discuss the scheme in more detail, or email us.

Salary Exchange Cars

How Would You Like A New Car and An Easier Life?

Just imagine: stress-free driving in a brand new car that’s tax efficient, fuel-friendly, and affordable. How good would that be? The Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Scheme makes this readily achievable. Organisations can sign up to enable their staff to purchase a new car of their choice, whether it’s for just 1 employee or 1,000, and have them drive away a fully-maintained and insured vehicle for up to 3 years – along with a fully-inclusive motoring package. Operated on a salary exchange basis, it allows users to pay for their new car by exchanging a portion of their gross salary and, as such, benefit from tax and National Insurance savings. The scheme can also be extended to direct family members.

Gemelli Car Scheme – Just Fuel and Go...

Since everything is included, all you really need to remember is fuel. If companies are moving from company cars to cash allowance – this scheme can help promote this. The Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Scheme offers a new approach to salary exchange cars, and provides tax-efficient and meaningful benefits to a company and its employees. Quite simply, you can just ‘fuel and go!’

Benefits for Employers and Employees...

As you’ve come to expect from a Gemelli Salary Exchange Scheme, our Car Scheme is packed full of great opportunities and benefits:

Employer Benefits

  • Financial savings on Employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Demonstrates company’s commitment towards employees – increasing employee recruitment and motivation, and both retention and engagement
  • Enhances company’s environmental policy, ‘Green’ credentials, and corporate social responsibility
  • No minimum employee numbers required to initiate scheme
  • No financial risk or liability for the employer
  • Minimal administration – Gemelli takes care of this for you

Employee Benefits

  • Drive a new car of your choice for significantly less than before
  • Tax and N.I. savings on vehicle and running costs
  • Additional savings via fleet discounts
  • No credit checks
  • No deposit required
  • Fixed-cost, affordable monthly salary reductions
  • Option to renew/upgrade at end of lease agreement
  • Purchases also available to partners and members of employee’s immediate family

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Call us now on 01280 851113 to find out more on how this scheme can benefit both your organisation and employees, or email us.


Mobile Phone & Home Technology Schemes

Gemelli Launch Mobile Phone & Home Technology Schemes...

Every month, we bring you news and updates on flexible, tax-efficient ways that help employees and employers save money. And this month is no exception. Why? Because we’ve just launched our new Mobile Phone and Home Technology Schemes. They’re new schemes that let employees take advantage of state-of-the-art technology: from mobile phone devices to a comprehensive range of home technology equipment – whilst enjoying savings.

Gemelli Mobile Phone Scheme

Everyone now has a mobile or smartphone. As long as it’s for your personal use, our new scheme allows you to get your hands on the latest mobile technology of your choice and spread the cost over 24 months. It’s on a salary exchange basis so, as such, it’s free from tax and National Insurance – giving you potential savings of between 32% and 42%. It certainly beats High Street prices. Moreover, there’s an extensive range of handsets, tariff providers and packages to choose from.

Gemelli Home Technology Scheme

Our second new scheme is also operated via salary exchange over 24 months, and is an effective way for employers to help employees fund the cost of a wide range of home technology. It’s designed to help employees develop their IT skills away from the workplace by offering them access to laptops, PCs, tablets and printers. It even extends to TVs, Home Entertainment & Sound Systems, audio equipment, games consoles, cameras and iPods.

Benefits for both Employees and Employers

As you’d expect, both of these new schemes are packed full of great opportunities and benefits:

Employee Benefits

  • Access to the latest technology and accessories
  • Considerable savings vs High Street prices (up to 42%)
  • Affordable monthly pay reduction
  • No credit checks or deposit required

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Increased employee motivation and engagement
  • Low risk, and backed up by expert support for added peace of mind
  • Easy to implement – with fully managed service
  • Can facilitate migration towards ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy

The Gemelli Mobile Phone & Home Technology Schemes are fantastic new additions to our Employee Benefits portfolio, and provide even more opportunity for both staff and businesses to save money in a tax-efficient way.

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Childcare Vouchers...More uses than you might think.

Back to school in September... and with more uses and benefits than you might think...
As pupils settle into their new classes, many working parents are contemplating the rising costs that make paying for childcare one of the biggest challenges that they face today – and wondering how they’re going to balance their finances. Gemelli Childcare Vouchers make quality childcare more affordable. They provide a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way for employers to help their employees with registered childcare costs. Operated on a salary exchange basis, this employee benefit is free from tax and National Insurance, allowing working parents to pay for childcare out of their gross salary.

A wide range of uses...
While many may be familiar with the general details of Childcare Voucher Schemes, what’s often not recognised is their versatility and longevity. For instance, they’re not solely limited to more traditional childcare settings – Gemelli Childcare Vouchers can be used for any of the following: 

  • Nurseries, playgroups and crèches
  • Childminders, Nannies and Au Pairs
  • Before and After-School Clubs
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Day, weekly, or termly boarding
  • Tutoring and Education Centres

Moreover, neither are they just for use with pre-school children. Because they can be used for childcare up to the age of 15 (or 16 if there is a disability), their flexibility and the length of time over which they can be used is a real advantage.

Benefits for both Employees and Employer
Introduced by the Government to help support working parents, the scheme benefits both employee and employer:

Employee Benefits

  • Overall reduction of childcare costs
  • Annual savings of up to £933 (£77 per month) in Tax and National Insurance
  • Opportunity to double annual savings to £1,866 if both parents are registered in the scheme
  • Assists in planning and management of household finances – ability to budget monthly (and option to contribute as little as £10 per month)
  • Freedom to choose when and how you use the vouchers: Can be banked for future use with no time limit or expiry date
  • Option of Paydirect or an account
  • It’s not means-tested

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions – up to £402 per employee per year
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to employee support and welfare
  • Increases morale, motivation and engagement
  • Supports strong recruitment and retention – and facilitates and incentivises return to work
  • The scheme is self-financing
  • Simple and flexible to set up – options for minimal self-administration or let Gemelli take care of everything

Gemelli Childcare Vouchers are a great way for working parents who pay for their childcare – and their employers – to save themselves money. They don’t just offer cost-saving benefits either: parents can take advantage of their versatility and employers from the support benefits that they bring their employees. All in all, it consistently proves to be yet another highly cost-effective way for businesses and their employees to mutually prosper.

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Call us now on 01280 851113 if you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail how Gemelli Child Care Vouchers can help save you money. Alternatively, email us.

We also have free copies of our helpful ‘Tax-Free Childcare Guide’ to give away, so don’t forget to request one when you get in touch...

Tax-Saving Benefits on Work Related Training

Tax-Saving Benefits on Work Related Training
Investment in professional development is always worthwhile, even though there are often costs involved. So imagine how much easier it would be if there was a way to help offset some of that expense – and enjoy a few other benefits along the way.With the Gemelli Save As You Learn and Professional Fees & Subscriptions Schemes, employers and employees are able to do exactly that!

Save As You Learn
The Gemelli Save As You Learn Scheme enables employees to invest in work-related training and study, allowing them to further develop their job-related skills, and with a view towards career progression within their current or potential future role. It’s a tax and National Insurance saving benefit operated on a salary exchange basis, to undertake educational courses and vocational training that are work-related.


  • Savings of between 32% and 47% (via tax and National Insurance Contributions) on the cost of courses, training, assessments/examinations and related costs.
  • Opportunity to develop new or enhance existing work-related skills and knowledge, and/or undertake refresher training.
  • Encourages professional development and subsequent career opportunities.
  • Option to spread the course/training cost over 12 months.
  • Can be delivered internally or externally.
  • Range of access available (e.g. direct, self-tuition, internet-based, distance learning).
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to staff training and career progression.
  • Fosters two-way commitment between employer and employee.
  • Supports strong recruitment, retention and succession planning.


Professional Fees & Subscriptions Savings
The Gemelli Professional Fees & Subscriptions Scheme is available to any employee who is required to pay for their professional membership (as recognised by HMRC) that is part of their employment – and directly relevant to the job that they currently do. Also operated on a salary exchange  basis, this scheme provides tax-saving and National Insurance benefits on annual fees and subscriptions.

Employee Benefits

  • Financial support for mandatory governing body membership.
  • Savings of between 32% and 47% (via tax and National Insurance Contributions) on the cost of professional subscriptions, licences and fees.
  • Maintains professional registration, competencies and up to date knowledge of industry innovations.
  • Option to spread the annual cost over 12 months.
  • No need to declare on Tax Return.

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions.
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to staff training and maintaining professional standing.
  • Increases employee motivation and engagement.
  • Supports strong recruitment and retention.
  • The scheme is completely self-financing.
  • Minimal administration – Gemelli takes care of the paperwork!

The Gemelli Save As You Learn and Professional Fees & Subscriptions Schemes recognise the importance of continuing professional development within the workplace.By facilitating tax-savings and ensuring that staff receive and maintain their training competencies and/or professional status, it consistently proves to be a highly cost-effective way for businesses and their employees to mutually prosper.

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Tech & Mobiles

Retail Discount Scheme...

Helping make money go further...

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make money go further? Well now there is: With the Gemelli Retail Discount Scheme, employees can get access to a wide range of money-saving deals, extending their purchasing power on the high street, online and over the phone.

Employee Benefits
Helps money go further on everyday spending
Exclusive savings on great brands
Discounts can be shared with immediate family

Employer Benefits
Enhances employee remuneration at minimal cost
Strengthens workforce engagement and loyalty
Helps recruit, motivate and retain staff

5 Ways to Save...

The Gemelli Retail Discount Scheme is highly versatile, offering participating staff savings across sectors including holidays and travel, shopping and online retail, home and garden, dining, food and drink, attractions and days out, gifts and gadgets, health and beauty, motoring, insurance – and more. There are 5 ways to save:

Online Discounts: Click and save. Year round online savings on a range of lifestyle brands including APH, Thorntons, Virgin Media and Alton Towers Resort.

Discount Card: Simply show the card to save money at thousands of outlets around the UK – from big name brands like Halfords and Brantano, to local independent stores.

Reloadable Shopping Cards: Access to Reloadable Shopping Cards from many of the UK’s leading brands including Pizza Express, Argos, Top Shop, B&Q, Marks & Spencer, Asda, Sainsbury’s, PC World and ToysRus. Cards can be topped up at a discounted rate and used like cash to save money.

Cashback: Online rewards and money back offers at over 500 retailers. Each time a purchase is made, a percentage of the value is credited to the users personal web account for them to save or spend.

Telephone Shopping: Call suppliers direct or use a central number to access offers from suppliers including Haven, Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND and Warwick Castle.

The Gemelli Retail Discount scheme is expanding all the time as new retail partners are being added. Participating users can even nominate a favourite shop or a venue if it’s not already part of the scheme. By instantly boosting spending power and enhancing lifestyle, the Gemelli Retail Discount Scheme is a highly cost-effective way for businesses to show their appreciation to employees.

Call us now on 01280 851113 to discuss the scheme in more detail, or email us.