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The smart way to manage Employee Benefits...

Employee benefit schemes are a permanent fixture on the workplace landscape. Successful organisations recognise the important role they have to play in helping to recruit, motivate and retain the brightest and the best, and employees love the added value and increased flexibility they deliver. Of course, every employee is unique, which means the key to a really effective benefit programme is to offer staff a diverse range of benefit options, so they can select to take up those that best suit their individual requirements and circumstances. Easy to say, but the challenge for employers is how to communicate and manage multiple benefits – likely to be supplied by several providers, while keeping the impact on internal resources to an absolute minimum. Exactly the problem we set out to address when we developed My Benefits Base, a highly cost-effective solution that reduces the time required to manage and administrate employee benefit schemes – while helping to increase their uptake and effectiveness.

My Benefits Base - Highlights

Host all your employee benefits in one location: Linked to your corporate website or intranet, My Benefits Base is an online portal where you can collate all the employee benefits you offer your team – not just those supplied by Gemelli, but by other providers too.

Reduce your admin: By making all scheme details and forms available online, My Benefits Base significantly reduces internal communication and administration. All information, FAQ’s and registration facilities relating to benefits provided by Gemelli are administered by us.

Increase scheme uptake: My Benefits Base makes keeping staff updated with any changes to benefit packages quick and cost-effective.

Easy, convenient access from anywhere, anytime: Employees and management can securely access My Benefits Base from any device at any time to see information on core benefits, salary sacrifice and voluntary benefit schemes. As well as supporting information and links to benefits from other providers, My Benefits Base can also be used to host in-house benefits such as employee allowances and discount schemes.

Branded to your business: My Benefits Base is branded to your business, with your logo and any bespoke content you want included. 

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My Benefits Base

MyBenefitsBase - A Bespoke Online Solution for All Your Employee Benefits and Rewards

Employee benefit schemes are an integral part of most job packages, helping employers to recruit, motivate and retain the best staff, and in the case of salary exchange schemes, helping businesses to significantly reduce their payroll costs.With many companies offering their employees a diverse range of benefits – often supplied by different providers, keeping details of schemes up to date and communicating them effectively to staff can sometimes present a challenge for employers.

The solution? MyBenefitsBase from Gemelli...

What is MyBenefitsBase?

MyBenefitsBase is your own bespoke online solution, a space where you can host details of all the employee benefits you offer your staff, providing them with a single information point linked to your website or intranet. Your MyBenefitsBase solution will be exclusive to your organisation and branded to match your corporate identity – all for a very affordable set up cost and a small monthly fee.

Gemelli My Benefits Base

How MyBenefits Base Will Benefit Your Business

  • Brings all your benefit schemes from different providers together in just one place
  • Reduces internal communications and administration by making all information and forms available online
  • Supports new staff induction process
  • Quick and cost-effective way to keep staff updated with any changes to benefit packages
  • Helps to engender workforce engagement and increase uptake of benefits
  • No need to invest in creating your own expensive software solution

How MyBenefitsBase Will Benefit Your Staff

  • Lets your staff access employee benefit information easily and conveniently whenever they want on any digital device
  • Benefit details are presented clearly in easy to digest format with FAQ’s, links and help line information
  • Makes employee benefit information easily accessible to all staff including remote or mobile workers

MyBenefitsBase will help reduce the time you spend managing, administrating and communicating your employee benefit schemes – while increasing their uptake and effectiveness.

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Salary Exchange Changes

Rule Changes to Salary Exchange Schemes, Your Questions Answered.

In his Autumn Statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the government’s intention to make changes to rules on the way that some salary exchange schemes are taxed. Salary exchange schemes (also known as salary sacrifice schemes) provide companies with a way to enhance staff remuneration and lifestyle, improve morale, and create a real workplace differential without impacting on payroll. With rising inflation set to put pressure on both business and household budgets, many employers will be keen to understand the new rules coming into effect on 6th April 2017. A consultation process is ongoing, and final details are still to be confirmed, but we already know much of the important information.

To help employers and employees understand the impact of the new rules, our short Q&A provides answers to some key questions:

Q Will the rule changes affect all existing schemes?

A No. It’s important to recognise that not all schemes will be affected by the new rules. A number of key schemes will remain, continuing to offer tax and NI savings for employees and reducing employers’ NIC payments for the foreseeable future. They are:

  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Cycle to Work
  • Holiday Exchange
  • Ultra-Low Emission Cars (75 co2 and below)
  • Pensions & Pensions Advice

Q Which existing schemes will be subject to the new rules?

Some salary exchange schemes will no longer attract employee tax savings and employers NIC if they’re taken up after 5th April 2017. They are:

  • Health Screening          
  • Parking at Work
  • Professional Fees & Subs
  • Save as you Learn
  • Mobiles & Home Tech.

Q What will happen to existing arrangements on schemes subject to the new rules?

A  All existing arrangements on schemes subject to the new rules which are entered into before 6th April 2017 will continue until 5th April 2018 – with the exception of car contracts which will continue until 5th April 2021 - with the full tax and N I savings maintained until these dates.

Q Can employees still register for affected schemes ahead of the deadline?

A Yes. Up until 5th April 2017, employees can still register onto any scheme and take full advantage of the employee tax and NI savings which will apply up to 5th April 2018. Employers NIC savings will also apply up to this date. Important note: Although employees must enter into an arrangement before the April 2017 deadline to qualify for savings, salary deductions do not have to start immediately, so long as a start date is pre-determined.

Q Will the affected schemes still offer any benefits once the new rules apply?

Yes, although affected schemes will no longer attract tax savings once the new rules are applied, salary exchange schemes will continue to offer many benefits to employees. In particular:

  • Savings on National Insurance
  • Ability to spread costs without having to pay any interest
  • Convenience of making regular, predictable payments
  • No up-front costs, credit, insurance or reference checks
  • Access to corporate discounts in some instances

Are You Operating a Gemelli Salary Exchange Scheme Which Will be Subject to the New Rules?

If you’re an employer and you are currently running a Gemelli salary exchange scheme which is going to be affected by the new rules, we’ll be contacting you soon to discuss the options open to you and your employees. If you are concerned the changes may adversely affect staff morale, we can look at the possibility of continuing to operate schemes in a different format, or we can advise you on our range of voluntary and company-paid employee benefits. In the meanwhile, make sure that you and your employees don’t miss out on tax and Employers NIC savings. Contact us now to register onto a scheme before the 5th April 2017 deadline. Call now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Benefits Base

Holiday Exchange

Enjoy a better work-life balance with our Holiday Exchange Scheme

Getting the perfect work-life balance is a goal we’re all continually striving to achieve. No matter how much we might love our job, it’s important to our physical and mental well-being that we find time to do the things that make us happy outside of the workplace. Of course, we’ll all have very different ideas about what the ‘life’ part of the equation means to us, but whatever it is, it will involve time – and sometimes our regular annual leave allowance may not be sufficient.

Our Holiday Exchange Scheme gives employees the option to extend their annual leave allowance by purchasing additional days to use as they wish. Extra days could help with a special event like going on an extended, once in a lifetime holiday, getting married, moving house, or simply taking time out to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Operating on a salary exchange basis, the scheme lets employees spread the cost of buying extra days across 12 monthly instalments – while their employer saves on the Tax and National Insurance Contributions they have to pay. In fact, the Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme offers a range of direct and indirect benefits to employers and employees alike:

Benefits to Employers

  • Helps attract and recruit the best staff
  • Motivates staff, engenders loyalty and improves retention
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Reduces payroll costs and saves up to 13.8% on Employer’s National Insurance contributions

Benefits to Employees

  • Improves wellbeing and promotes a better work-life balance
  • Gives greater freedom and flexibility
  • Saves up to 47% in tax and National Insurance contributions
  • Spreads cost of extra days over 12 months

It’s not just large organisations that are able to take advantage of our Holiday Exchange Scheme, it’s available to companies of all sizes – even those that have just a few employees. Gemelli will take care of all administration, getting the scheme up and running which will include tailoring the scheme to suit the business, so that all employers and employees have to do is start enjoying the benefits.

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Tax-Saving Benefits on Work Related Training

Tax-Saving Benefits on Work Related Training
Investment in professional development is always worthwhile, even though there are often costs involved. So imagine how much easier it would be if there was a way to help offset some of that expense – and enjoy a few other benefits along the way.With the Gemelli Save As You Learn and Professional Fees & Subscriptions Schemes, employers and employees are able to do exactly that!

Save As You Learn
The Gemelli Save As You Learn Scheme enables employees to invest in work-related training and study, allowing them to further develop their job-related skills, and with a view towards career progression within their current or potential future role. It’s a tax and National Insurance saving benefit operated on a salary exchange basis, to undertake educational courses and vocational training that are work-related.


  • Savings of between 32% and 47% (via tax and National Insurance Contributions) on the cost of courses, training, assessments/examinations and related costs.
  • Opportunity to develop new or enhance existing work-related skills and knowledge, and/or undertake refresher training.
  • Encourages professional development and subsequent career opportunities.
  • Option to spread the course/training cost over 12 months.
  • Can be delivered internally or externally.
  • Range of access available (e.g. direct, self-tuition, internet-based, distance learning).
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to staff training and career progression.
  • Fosters two-way commitment between employer and employee.
  • Supports strong recruitment, retention and succession planning.


Professional Fees & Subscriptions Savings
The Gemelli Professional Fees & Subscriptions Scheme is available to any employee who is required to pay for their professional membership (as recognised by HMRC) that is part of their employment – and directly relevant to the job that they currently do. Also operated on a salary exchange  basis, this scheme provides tax-saving and National Insurance benefits on annual fees and subscriptions.

Employee Benefits

  • Financial support for mandatory governing body membership.
  • Savings of between 32% and 47% (via tax and National Insurance Contributions) on the cost of professional subscriptions, licences and fees.
  • Maintains professional registration, competencies and up to date knowledge of industry innovations.
  • Option to spread the annual cost over 12 months.
  • No need to declare on Tax Return.

Employer Benefits

  • Savings made on Employer National Insurance Contributions.
  • Reinforces company’s commitment to staff training and maintaining professional standing.
  • Increases employee motivation and engagement.
  • Supports strong recruitment and retention.
  • The scheme is completely self-financing.
  • Minimal administration – Gemelli takes care of the paperwork!

The Gemelli Save As You Learn and Professional Fees & Subscriptions Schemes recognise the importance of continuing professional development within the workplace.By facilitating tax-savings and ensuring that staff receive and maintain their training competencies and/or professional status, it consistently proves to be a highly cost-effective way for businesses and their employees to mutually prosper.

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