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Voluntary Benefits

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Gym Membership

Gemelli Gym Membership Scheme: The Next Best Thing to a Gym in the Workplace...
Taking regular exercise is central to a healthy, happy life, and the effects go much further than just improving physical fitness. As part of a consistent regime, exercise can have a positive impact on general wellbeing, helping to boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, and contribute to better mental health. By far the most convenient way for most of us to get a regular fitness fix is to join a gym. We all need a little motivational nudge when it comes to keeping fit, and a gym offers a fun, encouraging environment where we can work out with other people, join in with organised classes and get professional instruction tailored to our individual needs. In short, you’re far more likely to get the results you want by joining a gym than by going it alone.

Our Gym Membership scheme is one of our most popular benefits. Simple and easy for businesses of any size to implement, the scheme enables employers to give their staff access to discounts of up to 20% on membership at thousands of gyms and health clubs right across the UK.

How the Scheme Works
It really couldn’t be easier, and there’s no administration for employers. The business pays a small monthly fee in order for staff to be able to access a dedicated website where they can search thousands of gyms and health clubs – including national brands such as Fitness First, LA Fitness and DW Sports. Once they’ve found their preferred gym, employees use a unique code to download a voucher which entitles them to membership at the best corporate discount available. Savings can be as much as 20% at some gyms; discounts apply even if the employee is already a member, and can also be taken up by family members. What’s more, in the unlikely event that an employee’s preferred gym is not currently participating in the scheme, we’ll contact the club and invite them to register as soon as possible.

Benefits to Employees

  • Stay fit & healthy for less
  • Save up to 20% on membership at thousands of gyms & health clubs
  • Choose from local authority & independent gyms to national chains
  • Discounts also apply to immediate family
  • 24 hour customer services helpline

Benefits to Employers

  • Promotes a healthier, happier workforce
  • Helps increase productivity & reduce sickness
  • A simple, flexible scheme with broad appeal that’s easy to introduce & requires no administration
  • Positions you as a caring employer who values their staff
  • Assists in the recruitment, retention & motivation of staff
  • Requires no minimum employee numbers to operate

Ready to Witness the Fitness?
Give your employees a benefit they’ll genuinely appreciate, and get a healthier, happier, more motivated workforce. Get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to discuss this scheme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

My Staff Shop

Gemelli Retail Discounts Scheme
My Staff Shop Makes Money Go Further. With inflation hitting 2.3% in February, and even the Bank of England predicting it will reach 2.8% next year, many ordinary people are feeling squeezed as they see their real spending power reduced. Of course, one option is simply to cut back on spending or even do without some less essential items, but there is another solution which doesn’t require any such sacrifices and actually makes money go further. My Staff Shop is a retail discount scheme which makes it possible for employers to give their staff access to exclusive benefits and money-saving deals on a huge range of household and leisure expenditure, including high street and online shopping, holidays, dining, family days out, gym membership, cinema tickets, motoring, insurance, childcare, and loads more – all for just a small monthly fee per person.

One Website, a World of Savings
At the heart of this scheme is the My Staff Shop website, giving members information on a world of exclusive savings. The website – which can be branded to reflect the corporate identity of the participating business, is updated daily with all the latest deals, and is packed with ways to save, making it the first place for staff to visit ahead of any kind of purchase.

3 Ways My Staff Shop Helps Beat the Squeeze

Save on Shopping: 

  • My Staff Shop gives members no less than 5 ways to save on shopping.
  • Discount card: Saves members 7% on everything they spend in over 50 top high street retailers. Plus there are exclusive, member-only special offers uploaded to the My Staff Shop website every day.
  • Online Savings: On a range of lifestyle brands including APH, Thorntons, Virgin Media and Alton Towers Resort.
  • Reloadable Shopping Cards: From many of the UK’s leading brands and supermarkets including Pizza Express, Argos, Top Shop, B&Q, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose,  Sainsbury’s, PC World and ToysRus. Cards can be topped up at a discounted rate and used like cash to save money.
  • Cashback: Online rewards and money back offers at over 500 retailers. Each time a purchase is made, a percentage of the value is credited to the members personal web account for them to save or spend.
  • Telephone Shopping: Call suppliers direct or use a central number to access offers from suppliers including Haven, Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND and Warwick Castle.

Save on Gym Membership
As well as discounts on a wide range of health-related products and services including eye care and health screening, My Staff Shop members and their partners can get discounted membership at thousands of national and local gyms and fitness clubs across the UK. They simply login to the My Health & Fitness area on the website to locate their closest gym and download a voucher entitling them to the lowest corporate discount.

FREE Employee Assistance Programme
Life can be complicated, but with My Staff Shop, expert help is only ever a phone call away. Members and their immediate family have free, 24 /7 access to My Assistance Programme, a telephone service providing professional advice. Members receive  support from a qualified consultant or counsellor and a full clinical assessment where necessary, before being offered the most appropriate form of support, including counselling, information, guidance and resource referrals.

  • Emotional well-being, managing stress, anxiety, depression, disability & illness.
  • Work-life balance, bullying & harassment, workplace pressure, managing change, workplace relationships & careers.
  • Childcare, education, elder care, juggling work & family life, caring for others, domestic abuse & probate.
  • Consumer rights, health, wellness, debt & money management, relocation & immigration.
  • Pregnancy, new baby, adoption, marriage & cohabitation, separation & divorce, moving home, bereavement & retirement.

Benefits to Employers

  • Enhances employees’ pay at minimal cost.
  • Strengthens workforce engagement & loyalty.
  • Helps recruit, motivate & retain staff.
  • Employee Assistance Programme demonstrates you care about staff & their families & helps ensure a stress-free workforce.
  • Requires no minimum numbers & no administration.
  • Can be branded to your company.

Benefits to Employees

  • 7% savings at a wide range of retailers with discount card.
  • Exclusive member-only deals every day.
  • Big savings on eating out, days out, holidays, gym membership & more.
  • Online cash back.
  • Free access to Employee Assistance Programme for all the family.

Make My Staff Shop YOUR Staff Shop

Arrange a Demonstration Today. To arrange a demonstration of My Staff Shop, find out more about how this highly cost-effective employee benefit can be tailored to your business, and how it can help your staff make their money go further, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Funeral Care

Total Motor Assist

Voluntary Benefits for 2017

Cut the Cost Of Living In 2017 With Gemelli Voluntary Benefits

We’re living through a period of economic uncertainty, and with inflation predicted to rise in 2017, household budgets – and business budgets too – are set to come under more pressure than ever. But it’s not all one-way; Gemelli has a range of voluntary employee benefit schemes which businesses can offer to staff, giving them access to specially negotiated discounts on a diverse selection of products and services.Voluntary benefits help employees save money, and help businesses demonstrate how much they value their staff. In many cases there is no cost to the employer, and because there are no minimum numbers, voluntary benefits can be implemented by companies of any size. 

We’ve chosen four of our most popular schemes to highlight here:

Gym Membership

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and Gemelli’s Gym Membership scheme can help employees get fit for less in 2017. For a small annual fee, employers can give staff access to discounts of up to 30% on membership at thousands of gyms, from low cost clubs run by local authorities to national brands such as Fitness First, LA Fitness and DW Sports. Using a unique passcode, staff log in to a dedicated website where they can find their preferred gym, and download a voucher giving them the best corporate discount available. Discounts apply even to existing members and their families – and if an employee wants to join a local gym that’s not currently part of the scheme, we’ll endeavour to register the club as soon as possible.

Health Cash Plans

The cost of health cover puts it out of reach to many people, but Gemelli offers a range of simple, affordable plans to meet every day healthcare expenses, starting from just £1.20 a week for basic cover. Employees pay a monthly fee that suits their budget, and depending on the level of cover, they can claim back part or all of the cost of their treatment. No medical or GP referral is required, and plans cover consultation and basic fees for registered dentists, opticians, chiropractors and physiotherapists, as well as specialist consultations and hospital bills. Dependent children aged up to 21 and in full-time education are covered free.

Home Utilities

The cost of essentials like gas, electricity, broadband, home and mobile phone make up a significant part of total outgoings for all households. Gemelli has teamed up with The Utility Warehouse to bring savings on a wide range of utility services. Operated by Telecom Plus PLC, The Utility Warehouse is recommended by the consumer publication Which?, and already provides savings to more than 375,000 UK customers. The flexible scheme lets staff opt to take one or more services – the more they take, the more they save, they’ll also get a cashback card giving extra savings off their utilities bill by earning cashback on their everyday shopping.

Wills & Estate Planning

Gemelli works with members of the Society of Will Writers to give employees access to discounted, fixed-price advice on wills, power of attorney, funeral plans, trusts and probate from independent professionals. More than two thirds of UK adults put off making a will until it’s too late, often with disastrous consequences for those left behind, but through this scheme, employees can get a properly drafted will in place to protect dependents and provide peace of mind. There’s even the option to have appointments over Skype or telephone for optimum convenience.

Contact Us Now & Cut Costs In 2017

Start the New Year by cutting the cost of living in 2017. Call us now on 01280 851113, or email us to find out more about our range of voluntary employee benefits .

My Staff Shop

My Gemelli Staff Shop... Where Big Savings On Shopping Are Not Just For Christmas
With the countdown to Christmas already well underway, purses and wallets will soon start coming under increasing pressure.Everyone likes to make their hard-earned money go further whether they’re spending it online or in store, on everyday essentials or on indulgent luxuries, so imagine if there was a smarter way to shop; a way that meant not having to waste time trudging from store to store, or trawling the internet for the best deals.Imagine if it was possible to go to just one place to find everything – all at discounted prices; not just favourite high street brand names, but exclusive money-saving deals on holidays, dining, days out, gym membership, cinema tickets, cars, insurance, childcare, and loads more. And not just at Christmas either, but all year round.

There is – it’s called My Gemelli Staff Shop, and it allows employers to give their staff access to a world of discounts and exclusive benefits for a small monthly fee per person.

So Many Ways to Save
My Gemelli Staff Shop offers members so many ways to save it’s almost impossible to list them all, so here are just 5 highlights to give a flavour of the kind of savings employees can enjoy:

Saving on Shopping
A discount card saves members 7% on everything they spend in over 50 top high street retailers, and there are exclusive, member-only special offers uploaded to the My Gemelli Staff Shop website every day.

Savings on Holidays & Short Breaks
Discounts on package holidays, flights, hotels, car hire and other travel-related products and services.

Savings on Health & Fitness
Discounts on gym membership, eye care, health screening and many other deals to help you stay healthy and fit.

Savings on Dining Out & Days Out
Discounts on food and drink at thousands of restaurants, pubs and cafes, on entry to National Trust venues, theatre tickets and more.

FREE Employee Assistance Programme
With My Gemelli Staff Shop comes free, 24 /7 telephone assistance to help and advise on stress, legal issues and debt counselling. This Freephone service is available to immediate family too, and there’s no limit on how many times it can be used.

Benefits to Employers
Enhances employees’ pay at minimal cost.
Strengthens workforce engagement & loyalty.
Helps recruit, motivate & retain staff.
EAP element demonstrates you care about staff & their families & helps ensure a stress-free workforce.
Requires no minimum numbers & no administration.
Can be branded to your company.

Benefits to Employees
7% savings at a wide range of retailers with discount card.
Exclusive member-only deals every day.
Big savings on eating out, days out, holidays, gym membership & more.
Online cash back.
Free access to Employee Assistance Programme for all the family.

Help Your Staff Start Saving in Time for Christmas
Show your staff how much you appreciate them by helping them make their money go further all year round with My Gemelli Staff Shop. Call us now on 01280 851113, or email us to find out more about this highly cost-effective employee benefit and your staff could start saving on their shopping in time for Christmas.

Holiday Exchange

A better Work-Life balance with our Holiday Exchange Scheme...
Outside of work, we all lead very different lives. Our reasons for working and what we choose to do with our free time are as individual as we are. Our hobbies, responsibilities and commitments will vary widely, but for each of us, our general well-being, happiness – and our productivity in the workplace, are dependent on getting the balance right between work, and everything else that’s important to us. While we all aspire to this perfect work-life balance, achieving it is not always easy. Demands on our time can fluctuate for many reasons, with the result that the fixed annual leave allowance we receive as part of our package is not always sufficient. The Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme offers increased flexibility to employees and business owners, enabling employees to better manage their work-life challenges, improving workplace motivation – and helping both parties to save money.

How does our Holiday Exchange Scheme work?
The scheme gives employees the option to extend their contracted annual leave allowance by purchasing additional days holiday. How any extra days are used is up to the individual; they might choose to use them to spend quality time with their family, or put them towards a special event like taking an extended holiday, getting married or moving house. Operating on a salary exchange basis, employees can save up to 47% in Tax and National Insurance on the cost of buying unpaid leave, and spread the cost across 12 months, while their employer will save on their Tax and National Insurance Contributions.

Example Saving - The example below shows the savings for an employee taking an additional 5 days leave, repaying over 12 months:

Tax Band


Gross Cost of Additional Leave

Net Cost of Additional Leave

Tax and NI Savings

Monthly Deduction from Net Salary

Basic rate






Higher rate







Benefits to Employers
Attract and recruit the best staff.
Motivates staff, engender loyalty and improve retention.
Reduce absenteeism.
Reduce payroll costs and save up to 13.8% on Employer National Insurance contributions.

Benefits to Employees
Improve well-being and achieve a better work-life balance.
Enjoy greater freedom and flexibility.
Save up to 47% in tax and National Insurance contributions.
Spread the cost of extra days over 12 months.

The Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme can be implemented in businesses of any size, from those that have just a few employees, to those with thousands. We’ll take care of all administration, and get the scheme up and running so that all employers and employees have to do is start enjoying the benefits! We can structure the scheme in a way that best suits the business.

Find out more...
To find out more about the Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme, and how it can help promote a happier and more productive workforce, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Cycle to Work

Fitter, greener and save money with Cycle to Work...

The daily commute to work is something most people have to face. It can be expensive – especially if you drive, and while it’s a necessity, it can feel like wasted time.  If you’re lucky enough not to live too far away from your workplace though, there is an alternative way of commuting that will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and help you keep fit at the same time – cycling. Gemelli’s Cycle to Work scheme makes it easy for anyone to be able to afford a brand new bike and start cycling to work. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about but not got round to, either because you don’t have a bike, or you need to upgrade the one you have – this is the perfect solution for you. Operating on a salary exchange basis, the scheme allows employees to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of a new bike and cycle safety accessories, up to a value of £1,000 – without having to pay Tax or National Insurance on the amount they choose to spend.

By using the Cycle to Work scheme, you can save up to 42% on the cost of a brand new bike and/or accessories. What’s more, you can spread your payments over 12 or 18 months.

Cycling has never been as popular as it is now. There are more cycle lanes and cycle paths than ever before, and if you’ve not been in the saddle for a few years, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much bike technology has advanced. Why sit it out in traffic or put up with standing room only on the bus when you could be cruising to work on your bike?

The bike you like from wherever you want...
It couldn’t be simpler. Select the bike you want from the cycle retailer of your choice and leave the rest to Gemelli. We’ll take care of the paperwork, liaise with your supplier and organise delivery.

Benefits to Employees

  • Save up to 42% on a bike and accessories
  • Spread cost over 12 or 18 months
  • Use bike supplier of your choice
  • Cut the cost of travel to work by leaving your car at home
  • Improve personal health and fitness levels

Benefits to Employers

  • Save on Employer’s NI contributions
  • Improves environmental credentials
  • Supports the Green Travel Plan
  • Contributes to reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity
  • Scheme is self-financing

Contact us today and we’ll get you ready to ride...
If you’d like to make getting to work fun, keep fit and save money, contact us to find out more about the Gemelli Cycle to Work scheme. Call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

My Gemelli Staff Shop

Welcome to a whole world of savings...

When it comes to shopping, we all take a different approach. You might be a leisurely browser or a careful planner; you might love the experience of the high street, or prefer buying online from the comfort of your own sofa – or as most of us do, you probably like to mix it up and do both. But there’s one thing we all share – we all love to save money. My Gemelli Staff Shop is an employee benefit that opens up a whole world of savings and exclusive benefits, providing great discounts from thousands of the UKs largest retailers.

For a small monthly fee per employee, employers can provide their staff with membership of My Gemelli Staff Shop to receive a range of great, money-saving benefits including:

Discount Card  - Offering a 7% discount at a wide range of high street stores including Argos, BHS, Boots, Debenhams, Halfords, House of Fraser, Iceland, M&S, Matalan, Mothercare, New Look, PC World, River Island, Superdrug, Toys ‘R’ Us, Wilko – to name just a few. Simply top up your card online, and however much you choose to load onto it, you will receive a load discount of 7%. So, for example load £100 onto your card to spend as you like and it will only cost you £93.

Exclusive Daily Offers - My Gemelli Staff Shop gives you access to exclusive member-only offers. They cover everything from technology to holidays and are uploaded daily onto the website.

Big Savings on Eating Out - Membership gives you great savings on thousands of restaurants, pubs and cafes across the UK – all conveniently accessible via the My Dining area of the My Gemelli Staff Shop website.

Benefits to Employers

  • Extends staff remuneration at minimal cost
  • Strengthens workforce engagement & loyalty
  • Helps recruit, motivate & retain staff
  • Includes EAP Scheme

Benefits to Employees

  • Discount card gives 7% savings with a wide range of retailers
  • Exclusive member-only deals every day
  • Big savings on eating out, days out & holidays
  • Discounted store gift cards
  • Online cash back
  • Local deals

Contact us and start saving...

My Gemelli Staff Shop is a highly cost-effective way to show your staff how you appreciate them. If you’d like to find out more about this popular employee benefit, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Work Life Balance

Help employees get the right balance in 2016 and see the difference it could make to your business.

Life always feels better when we look after ourselves properly and everything’s in balance: our health and well-being improves, we handle stress better, and we’re more fulfilled at home and at work. Gemelli’s range of wellbeing employee benefit schemes are all designed to help staff keep themselves fit and healthy, and – in achieving a better work-life balance – help them make a greater contribution to the workplace. Our wellbeing benefit schemes mean that there’s something for everyone. And to show you just how easily you can help your staff look after themselves better in 2016, here is a selection of our most popular ones:

Discounted Health Club & Gym Membership

The relationship between exercise and the feel-good afterglow that results is well recognised. Moreover, regular exercise can also reduce the risk of certain health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. Quite simply, this scheme promotes health, fitness and well-being amongst employees. It’s a simple and flexible scheme that offers employees discounted Health Club and Gym Memberships. With no administration for the employer, it’s a voluntary benefit allowing staff to join a club at the lowest corporate rate, purchased directly by the employee. Nationwide selection from over 2,700 clubs (high street names and independents), many with Joining fees waived. Savings range from 10% - 30%. Discounts can apply to existing memberships and can be extended to immediate family.

Cycle To Work

Cycling is yet another way to stay fit and healthy, and, if staff live within cycling distance of their workplace, using a bike to commute there makes a lot of sense. Gemelli’s Cycle to Work Scheme could be just the incentive an employee needs to get in the saddle. The Cycle to Work scheme operates on a salary exchange basis allowing an employee to cover the cost of a bike and safety accessories up to a value of £1,000 – without having to pay tax or National Insurance on the value. Additionally, the scheme is self-financing and enables the employer to make savings on Employer National Insurance Contributions. Save up to 42% on the cost of a brand new bike and/or accessories and spread the cost over 12 or 18 months. Use bike supplier of your choice. Gemelli organises everything else...

Health Screening

Just as important as being fit and active is making sure that you’re proactively looking after your health and well-being – both at home and work. The Gemelli Health Screening Scheme is an effective way to improve this. Also operated via salary exchange, this self-financing scheme gives employees the opportunity to benefit from screenings at a significantly reduced cost, and employers the chance to make financial savings on Employer NI Contributions.As well as helping to identify pre-existing health problems and uncover medical conditions early, it also provides peace of mind and lifestyle recommendations on keeping fit and healthy and how to help prevent further ailments. The scheme offers a range of comprehensive health screenings at significantly reduced cost.Save between 32% and 47% through tax and National Insurance savings with the option to spread cost over 6 or 12 months. (Option for employer to subsidise cost.) Choice of clinic locations.

Health Cash Plans

Making sure that you look after yourself properly isn’t just about the big decisions in life – it also extends to everyday healthcare. As one of the UK’s fastest growing employee benefits, Health Cash Plans offer a simple and affordable way for employees to   healthcare . Designed to suit all types of businesses and budgets, this employer sponsored (or voluntary employee paid) savings plan enables staff to pay for their everyday healthcare and recoup up to 100% of their costs via prompt cashback payments. Covers a range of common healthcare areas (including dentistry, optical, chiropody, physiotherapy, specialist consultations, Alternative Therapies) starting from as little as £1.20 per week per employee. The cover can be extended to immediate family, dependents up to the age of 21 and in full-time education are covered free. Option to increase cover to include Private Medical Insurance Excess.

Scheme Benefits for Employers

Whilst each of these schemes can be introduced independently, they offer complementary benefits in promoting improved employee health and well-being. The benefits aren’t just reserved for the employees though...

  • Demonstrates company’s commitment towards employee well-being – increasing staff morale, engagement and loyalty
  • Leads to a healthier and more productive workforce – reducing sickness rates and the cost and impact of long and short term absenteeism
  • Enhances your employer reputation, and ongoing recruitment and retention – through high perceived value of benefits
  • Financial savings on Employer’s National Insurance Contributions (for Salary Exchange schemes)
  • No minimum numbers required

Contact Us Today

Are you ready to introduce your employees to a fitter and healthier 2016? Would you like to reduce absenteeism due to sickness and have a more engaged and productive workforce?

Call us now on 01280 851113 to discuss any of our healthcare schemes in more detail, or email us