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Parking at Work Scheme from Gemelli Employee Benefits

Save Money on Parking with the Gemelli Parking at Work Scheme...

For many people, getting to work means having to get in the car. Often though, travel is only part of the expense of the daily commute. In towns and cities especially, many employers struggle to provide sufficient parking for their workforce, with the result that staff will frequently have no option other than using the nearest private or local authority car park. The cost of parking in inner city areas can be substantial, and discounted rates are only available for those individuals who are able to afford to pay in advance for a season ticket. If you have to pay to park close by to your workplace – or if your employer requires you to pay a fee to park on site, our Parking at Work scheme offers a simple, flexible money-saving solution. 

Parking at Work is a salary exchange scheme: An employee can choose to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of their parking permit or season ticket – without having to pay any Tax or National Insurance on the value. As well as being able to save up to 47% on the cost of parking, the scheme enables an employee to spread the cost over 12 months. The scheme applies to parking vans and motorcycles as well as cars, and subject to approval, you can select any car park that’s within reasonable distance of your place of work.

Savings Illustration...

Basic Rate Tax Payer
Annual Parking Cost  £1000
Cost to Employee  £680
Net Saving  £320
Higher Rate Tax Payer
Annual Parking Cost  £1000
Cost to Employee  £580
Net Saving  £420






Benefits to employees...

  • Save up to 47% on parking costs
  • ​Get access to season ticket discounts
  • ​Spread costs over 12 months

Benefits to employers...

  • Save on Employer’s NIC
  • Help your staff park at or close to their workplace
  • Assists with employee recruitment, retention and motivation 
  • ​Scheme is self-financing

Contact us today...

If you’d like to find out more about Parking at Work, call us now on 01280 851113 to discuss the scheme in more detail, or email us.

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