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My Staff Shop

Cut the cost of Christmas shopping...
We all love Christmas, but there’s no doubt that the cost of the festive season puts extra pressure on household budgets. For many families, it can result in a financial hangover that lasts well into the New Year. This Christmas, according to a recent survey, every British adult will spend an average of £244 each on gifts, and British families will spend an average of £821.25 on gifts, food, drink and decorations! But there is a way to cut the cost of Christmas shopping – and reduce year-round spending on everything else too. My Staff Shop opens the door to exclusive benefits, discounts and savings on necessities and indulgences, helping to make salary go further.

How My Staff Shop works
My Staff Shop is a membership-based retail discount scheme that employers can sign staff up to for a small monthly fee. At the heart of the scheme is the My Staff Shop website. The first place for members to visit ahead of shopping for anything online or on the high street, the website is packed with ways to save, and is updated daily with the latest deals and special offers. Members get their own login and personal online account, and the website can be branded with their employer’s logo.

Save on Shopping - My Staff Shop members can save up to 7% when they shop with hundreds of participating retailers.

Food & Groceries - Save when you shop with retailers including Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose.

Fashion - Save when you shop with retailers including M&S, Sainsbury’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Agent Provocateur, AllSaints, Burton, Debenhams, Crew Clothing, Dorothy Perkins, Fat Face, Hobbs, Hollister, House of Fraser, Jack Wills, John Lewis, Karen Miller, Mango, Matalan, Monsoon, New Look, Next, Nike, Office, Paul Smith, Shuh, Topman & Topshop.

Electronics - Save when you shop with retailers including Amazon, Apple, Argos, Boots, Carphone Warehouse, Currys, John Lewis, Maplin, PC World & Richer Sounds

Holidays & Short Breaks - Discounts on package holidays, flights, hotels, car hire and other travel-related products and services.

Health & Fitness - Discounts on gym membership, eye care, health screening and many other deals to help you stay healthy and fit.

Dining Out & Days Out - Discounts on food and drink at thousands of restaurants, pubs and cafes, on entry to National Trust venues, theatre tickets and more.

Exclusive Daily Offers - The My Staff Shop website is updated with exclusive, member-only offers every day.

Plus, Free Employee Assistance Programme - Membership of My Staff Shop includes free, 24 /7 telephone assistance for help and advice on stress, legal issues and debt counselling. This Freephone service is available to immediate family too, and there’s no limit on how many times it can be used.

Benefits to Employers

Enhances employees’ pay at minimal cost.
Strengthens workforce engagement & loyalty.
Helps recruit, motivate & retain staff.
Employee Assistance Programme.
Requires no minimum numbers & no administration.
Website can be branded to your company.

Benefits to Employees

Up to 7% savings in-store & online at a wide range of retailers.
Exclusive member-only deals every day.
Big savings on eating out, days out, holidays, gym membership & more.
Free access to Employee Assistance Programme for all the family.

Arrange a demo or find out more...
To arrange a demonstration of My Staff Shop, find out more about how this highly cost-effective employee benefit can be tailored to your business, and how it can help your staff make their money go further, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

Holiday Exchange

Extra Holiday when it’s needed with our Holiday Exchange Scheme
Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of offering staff more flexible ways of working, to help them balance the responsibilities of work with the demands of home, family – and life generally. Solutions like flexi-time and home-working are commonplace, addressing the fact that one size no longer fits all, allowing staff to fit their life around their work – and creating a more productive and loyal team at the same time. But what about the traditional fixed annual holiday allowance? For any number of planned or unexpected reasons, an employee’s personal leave requirements can change from year to year, with the result that, from time to time, their contracted holiday allowance may not be sufficient for their needs. The Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme give staff increased flexibility over their holiday allowance, enabling them to exchange part of their salary for additional days if they need them. As well as helping staff manage those occasional work-life challenges, the scheme boosts workplace motivation, and both the employee and their employer save money.

How the Scheme Works
Operating on a salary exchange basis, the Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme gives employees the option to extend their contracted holiday allowance by using part of their salary to purchase additional days. The scheme gives employees increased flexibility to accommodate a wide range of events that would otherwise take them over their fixed holiday allowance, such as getting married, moving house, a once in a lifetime holiday, or visiting family overseas. It can also benefit employees who find they need to take time out for an unexpected reason part-way through the year, but don’t have sufficient holiday entitlement remaining to enable them to do so. Tax and National Insurance savings mean employees can reduce the cost of purchasing unpaid leave by up to47%, and can spread the cost over 12 months, while their employer saves on payroll costs and Employer’s National Insurance contributions.

Example Employee Saving
The following examples show the savings for 2 employees – one a basic rate tax payer, the other a higher rate tax payer, who opt to take an additional 5 days leave, paying for it over 12 months:

Basic Rate Tax Payer
Salary: £30K
Gross cost of leave: £574.70
Net cost of leave: £390.84
Tax and NI Savings: £184.86
Higher Rate Tax Payer
Salary: £40K
Gross cost of leave: £766.25
Net cost of leave: £444.48
Tax and NI Savings: £321.77


Benefits to Employers

Simple to introduce into businesses of any size
Can be tailored to fit a company’s holiday allowance policy and business needs
Demonstrates a commitment to flexible working, helping attract the best staff
Increases motivation levels & engenders loyalty
Contributes to reduced absenteeism
Reduces payroll costs & Employer’s National Insurance contributions

Benefits to Employees

Gives option to purchase additional holiday if needed
Increases flexibility to be able to plan for special events – or to deal with the unexpected
Save up to 47% in tax & NI when purchasing additional unpaid leave
Spread costs of buying extra days over 12 months

Find out more...
To find out more about the Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to talk with one of our employee benefit experts, or email us.

Health and Wellbeing

Gemelli Healthcare & Wellbeing Benefits

Up until a few years’ ago, if an employer provided any kind of workplace healthcare benefit for their staff, it was most likely to be private medical insurance – designed to support an employee in the event they became ill. More recently though, as employers increasingly recognise the benefits of a healthy, happy workforce, a growing number are introducing a broader range of solutions to support all aspects of their employees’ health, with wellbeing initiatives increasingly at the centre of healthcare strategies. Other factors are also helping to make workplace wellness a key priority for organisations, including a general focus on healthy living, later retirement, and awareness of mental health issues and the effects of stress.Research conducted in July 2017 among readers of provides some interesting insights into the key trends and issues shaping employee health and wellbeing strategies within organisations,

84% of respondents believe their organisation has a duty of care to encourage employees to achieve a sensible work-life balance
47% have placed a greater focus on communicating healthcare benefits over the last 12 months
44% are likely to increase the number of healthcare benefits their organisation offers over the next 12 months
38% currently have an integrated wellness strategy that incorporates physical emotional mental and financial well being
42% currently have strategies in place to reduce sickness absence
67% have specific benefits and initiatives to support employee mental health

Top reasons for providing healthcare benefits

74% - to boost overall employee wellbeing and employee engagement
72% - to be seen as employer of choice
64% - a desire to support employees
50% to reduce sickness absence
45% - because their competitors’ offer them
44% - because staff want them

Top things healthcare benefits helped employers achieve

74% - being seen as a ‘caring’ employer
68% - improving the health & welfare of staff
57% - good employee engagement
53% - getting employees back to work as soon as possible

Gemelli Benefits to Support All Aspects of Employee Health & Wellbeing

At Gemelli, we offer a diverse range of health-related benefit schemes that enable employers to create bespoke benefit packages addressing all aspects of employee health and wellbeing. Ranging from employer-paid to salary sacrifice schemes, our solutions are flexible and simple to introduce into organisations of any size, delivering outcomes that include increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Gemelli Health Screening Scheme

Our health screening scheme gives employees access to comprehensive health screening at significantly reduced costs. As well as helping to identify pre-existing health problems or medical conditions early, the scheme provides employees with advice and recommendations on healthy living. Health screening gives employees complete peace of mind, and contributes to a healthier workplace, reducing short-term and long-term absenteeism due to sickness.

Gemelli Health Cash Plans

Health cash plans make healthcare more affordable for employees, providing cashback for a range of everyday healthcare costs, including dental, optical, chiropody, physiotherapy, alternative therapies and specialist consultations. Employers offering cash plans create a positive differential that can aid recruitment, motivation and retention – and help reduce levels of absenteeism due to sickness and stress. Gemelli can offer plans from as little as £1.35 per employee per week, with no medical or GP referral required.

Gemelli Employee Assistance Programmes

Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) enables employees (and immediate family members), to access impartial advice and counselling on work and non-work related issues in strictest confidence. Employees can access professional support and advice on a wide range of emotional problems such as relationship worries, difficulties at work, bereavement, stress, anxiety and depression, and get practical, legal and financial advice on money matters, divorce, parenting, consumer rights, career options, training, and more – helping to prevent work related stress.

Gemelli Private Medical Insurance

Employee absenteeism can have a huge impact on a business, and a Private Medical Cover scheme can avoid lengthy sickness absences and high business costs caused by staff having to wait for treatment on the NHS.  Although private health cover can’t eradicate sickness absence, it can help get employees back to work more quickly, because they won’t have to join an NHS waiting list.

Gemelli Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work is a Government initiative designed to encourage anyone living close enough to their workplace or a station, to use a bike rather than their car. Gemelli’s self-financing Cycle to Work scheme is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to improving both the environment, and the health of their workforce. The scheme enables employers to help staff enjoy all the health benefits that go with cycling for less, by allowing them to exchange part of their salary to cover the cost of a brand-new bike – without having to pay Tax or National Insurance on the value.

Gemelli Gym Membership Scheme

Regular exercise can do more than just improve physical fitness; it can help to boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, and contribute to better mental health. The next best thing to giving employees access to a workplace gym is to provide them with discounted gym membership through Gemelli’s Gym Membership scheme. Simple and easy for businesses of any size to implement, it’s one of our most popular benefits, enabling employers to give their staff access to discounts of up to 20% on membership at thousands of gyms and health clubs right across the UK.

Call us Today to Discuss a Healthcare & Wellbeing Package for Your Team

Gemelli can create an employee healthcare and wellbeing benefit package that’s tailored specifically to your business. To discuss your requirements and find out more about the solutions we can offer, get in touch with us today on 01280 851113, or email us.

Save as you Learn

Gemelli’s Save as you Learn Scheme...Making Work-Related Training More Affordable

Employees undertaking training to attain a professional qualification increase their career progression prospects and earning potential; and companies encouraging workforce upskilling gain a valuable competitive advantage. But while professional training has significant advantages for both employees and their employers, the cost of courses, and the requirement to pay in advance and in full can make it inaccessible to many employees. Gemelli’s Save as you Learn scheme puts affordable training within reach of any employee looking to extend their skills and further their career. Operating on a salary exchange basis, employees can opt to exchange part of their salary to cover all (or a proportion) of the cost of their preferred training course. Employees paying for training through Save as you Learn don’t pay National Insurance on the value of their chosen course, saving them up to 12% – and instead of paying everything up front, they can spread the cost over 6 to 12 months.

How the Scheme Works

The employee identifies a course or training they want to undertake to help them do their job better, or further their prospects in the organisation. It can be online or classroom-based training, learning a language, or anything else as long as it’s relevant to their current or a future role, and is approved by their employer. Gemelli will prepare a cost / saving illustration, and once this has been approved, will issue a Salary Exchange Agreement and book the training course with the relevant provider. The cost of the training will be divided into equal payments to be deducted from the employee’s salary over a period of 6 or 12 months.

Savings Illustration

Save as you Learn
Course Cost: £1000
Cost to Employee: £880
Net Saving: £120


Benefits to Employees

- Save up to 12% on training costs
Spread training costs over 6 to12 months
Increase work-related skills & enhance promotion prospects
Achieve personal goals

Benefits to Employers

Engender a culture of professional development
Increase productivity & create competitive advantage
Demonstrate commitment to staff & increase employee engagement

Start Saving on Training Today...

To find out more about the Gemelli Save as you Learn scheme, get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to talk with one of our employee benefit experts, or email us.

Employee Assistance

Confidential Support & Advice for Life’s Challenges...
Introducing Gemelli's Employee Assistance Programme. It’s an understatement to say that modern life can be complicated. Work, family, relationships, finances, health and much more besides, there’s a lot to juggle. Even when everything is going well, balancing all of these areas can be demanding, and it doesn’t take much to upset the equilibrium; a problem at home or at work can cause worry and stress, and can escalate quickly if not addressed. At some time or another, we’ve probably all been guilty of ignoring a problem, pasting on a false smile and telling people everything is fine, when really it’s not. Taking this approach only serves to prolong things and make them worse – either in reality, or in our perception. 

Whether an issue is work-related or personal, a good part of the solution will usually involve talking it through with someone who can offer advice and support. Depending on the nature of the problem however, finding someone who is knowledgeable and impartial may not always be easy. Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme ensures that access to professional, confidential support and advice on a wide range of practical and emotional issues is only ever a phone call away.

How the Scheme Works
Gemelli’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a company-paid benefit that employers can provide free of charge to staff. It enables employees – and their immediate family, to access impartial advice and counselling on work and non-work related issues in strictest confidence. 

A 24/7 telephone support line manned by highly qualified professionals provides expertise on many topics. These are just some of the areas covered – employees can contact their EAP for support on anything that matters to them. As well as helping employees, an EAP can also supplement an organisation’s HR function by highlighting prevalent trends or issues, areas of concern, and training needs.


Emotional well-being
Stress, anxiety & depression
Disability & illness
Substance & alcohol misuse
Addictions & behaviours
Personal development


Work-life balance
Bullying & harassment
Workplace pressure
Managing change
Workplace relationships

Family & Relationships

Elder care
Juggling work & family
Caring for others
Domestic abuse

Daily Living

Consumer rights
Health & wellness
Debt & money
Community resources

Life Events

Pregnancy & new baby
Marriage & cohabitation
Separation & divorce
Bereavement & loss


Benefits to Employees
Supports emotional wellbeing
Provides practical, legal & financial advice on a wide range of issues
Helps prevent work related stress
Access to confidential telephone counselling 24/7​

Benefits to Employers
Low premiums
No minimum numbers required
Demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing
Contributes to a healthier, happier workplace
Reduces absenteeism & increases productivity
Highlights trends, issues & overall stress levels within a company

Address the Stress – Call us Today...
A stress-free team is a happy and productive team. Get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to discuss the Gemelli Employee Assistance Programme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

Save on Home Tech & Mobiles

Switch On & Save...Tech & Mobile Salary Exchange Scheme
From smartphones and tablets to TVs and tumble dryers, we’re surrounded by technology designed to help make our lives easier, more fun – or both.  Accessing the very latest gadget or appliance can be expensive though, often necessitating a long wait while money is saved up, having to jump through credit checks and pay even more in interest charges, settling for a lower spec model or an inferior brand name. Gemelli’s Technology & Mobile Salary Exchange Scheme takes all the hassle out of buying technology. The scheme enables anyone to get the cutting edge device, home tech equipment or white goods unit they want right away from their manufacturer of choice, with no wait, no checks and no compromises. It even saves them money!

How the Scheme Works
The scheme gives employees the option to exchange a portion of their salary for the technology they want, allowing them to spread costs over 2 years and take advantage of savings in the form of discounts and reduced National Insurance payments. The process is simple. Registered employees are given access to a dedicated website where they can browse thousands of products by category, get detailed information on the savings they’ll make, and see how their take home pay will be affected. Once an order has been placed and approved by the employer, the product will be delivered to the employees’ home address, and at the end of the arrangement, the employee has the option to trade in their product for cashback, get a discount on a new item purchased through the scheme, or simply keep their product.

What Kind of Products Are Available?
The scheme covers tech and mobile products from leading brands such as Apple, HP, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Microsoft, L G and many others. There’s a huge range of technology to choose from including:

  • Home Technology (Including PCs - Laptops - Tablets - Smart TVs - Games Consoles - Audio Equipment - Cameras)
  • Large and Small Appliances (Including Tumble Dryers - Dish washers - Coffee machines - Fridges/Freezers)
  • And Mobile Phones

Saving Example Here’s a typical saving example based on buying an Apple iPad Pro over 2 years

IPad Pro
Product Cost: £549
Monthly Salary Exchange: £22.48
Saving (12%): £66
Monthly Take Home Reduction: £20.13
Cost after savings:  £483

Benefits to Employees

  • Access the latest technology for less
  • Save money through product discounts & reduced NI
  • Spread costs over 2 years
  • No credit check or deposit required
  • Access to a dedicated customer support helpline

Benefits to Employers

  • Help your staff make their money go further
  • Increase workforce engagement & loyalty without increasing payroll
  • Easy to implement & fully managed
  • Full protection - GAP Insurance included as standard

Contact Us Today
Introduce Gemelli’s Technology & Mobile Salary Exchange Scheme into your organisation, and help your employees get their hands on the technology they want right away and for less. Get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to discuss this scheme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

Gym Membership

Gemelli Gym Membership Scheme: The Next Best Thing to a Gym in the Workplace...
Taking regular exercise is central to a healthy, happy life, and the effects go much further than just improving physical fitness. As part of a consistent regime, exercise can have a positive impact on general wellbeing, helping to boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, and contribute to better mental health. By far the most convenient way for most of us to get a regular fitness fix is to join a gym. We all need a little motivational nudge when it comes to keeping fit, and a gym offers a fun, encouraging environment where we can work out with other people, join in with organised classes and get professional instruction tailored to our individual needs. In short, you’re far more likely to get the results you want by joining a gym than by going it alone.

Our Gym Membership scheme is one of our most popular benefits. Simple and easy for businesses of any size to implement, the scheme enables employers to give their staff access to discounts of up to 20% on membership at thousands of gyms and health clubs right across the UK.

How the Scheme Works
It really couldn’t be easier, and there’s no administration for employers. The business pays a small monthly fee in order for staff to be able to access a dedicated website where they can search thousands of gyms and health clubs – including national brands such as Fitness First, LA Fitness and DW Sports. Once they’ve found their preferred gym, employees use a unique code to download a voucher which entitles them to membership at the best corporate discount available. Savings can be as much as 20% at some gyms; discounts apply even if the employee is already a member, and can also be taken up by family members. What’s more, in the unlikely event that an employee’s preferred gym is not currently participating in the scheme, we’ll contact the club and invite them to register as soon as possible.

Benefits to Employees

  • Stay fit & healthy for less
  • Save up to 20% on membership at thousands of gyms & health clubs
  • Choose from local authority & independent gyms to national chains
  • Discounts also apply to immediate family
  • 24 hour customer services helpline

Benefits to Employers

  • Promotes a healthier, happier workforce
  • Helps increase productivity & reduce sickness
  • A simple, flexible scheme with broad appeal that’s easy to introduce & requires no administration
  • Positions you as a caring employer who values their staff
  • Assists in the recruitment, retention & motivation of staff
  • Requires no minimum employee numbers to operate

Ready to Witness the Fitness?
Give your employees a benefit they’ll genuinely appreciate, and get a healthier, happier, more motivated workforce. Get in touch with us today on 01280 851113 to discuss this scheme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

Car Benefit Scheme

Gemelli Car Benefits Scheme
What’s Shiny, Green & Guaranteed to Make Everyone Happy? A Brand New Car through Gemelli’s Car Benefit Scheme... Car ownership brings independence and convenience; the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want to, and it’s something most of us consider to be important – even essential. Motoring comes at a price though, and variable expenses like servicing and maintenance can make it difficult to budget – with unexpected bills seemingly guaranteed to arrive at exactly the time they’re least welcome.

But there is a way you can take all the uncertainty out of car ownership, enjoying worry-free driving and substantial savings - while knowing that you’re also helping the environment. Gemelli’s Car Benefit scheme lets you drive a brand new car for a fixed monthly payment that includes all your motoring outgoings apart from fuel. 

How the Scheme Works
Gemelli’s Car Benefit Scheme has a very low cost for employers to implement, and can be introduced into companies that have just one employee, or thousands. Under the scheme, which operates on a Salary Exchange basis, employees can agree to exchange a portion of their salary for a brand new car. As well as an all-inclusive package that includes insurance, maintenance and servicing, breakdown cover and replacement tyres, drivers on the scheme also benefit from manufacturer discounts and corporate finance rates – while those opting for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) with CO2 emissions of 75 and below are able to take advantage of tax and NI savings. 

As well as being a great way to help employees drive new cars, Gemelli’s Car Benefit Scheme can help a business meet its environmental objectives. All cars on the scheme have their carbon offset to make them carbon neutral, and additionally, employers can select to introduce a CO2 emissions limit for cars in their fleet, so that at the same time as providing a highly valued employee benefit, a company can reduce its carbon footprint.

How Employees Benefit

  • An affordable way to drive a new car
  • Fixed monthly price covers all your motoring costs – just add fuel
  • Tax & NI savings for drivers choosing ULEVs
  • No credit check or deposit required

How Employers Benefit

  • No minimum employee numbers required
  • Scheme is fully outsourced & easy to implement
  • NIC savings on ULEVs
  • Helps to attract, engage, retain & motivate staff
  • No financial risk or liability – protection against staff going on maternity or sick leave, leaving their job or being made redundant
  • Supports your company’s environmental credentials by promoting the use of low emission cars & allowing you to set your own CO2 cap

Example Costs and Savings

Audi A3 Sportback
SE 1.6 TDI Manual
Mileage 10,000 10,000
Term 36 36
Deposit/Initial Payment £0 £3000
APR% 0% 6.3%
Net Monthly Cost £362.89 £248.88
Net Monthly Amount
including deposit
£362.89 £332.21
Insurance/ month Included £41.58
Road Tax/ month Included £15.00
Depreciation n/a n/a
Breakdown Cover/ month Included £4.17
Tyres Included £11.42
Service (parts & labour)/ month Included £36.17
End of Agreement Optional price
to purchase
Net monthly amount £362.89 £440.55


Put Yourself in the Driving Seat
If you’d like to give your staff the option to drive a brand new car and save money on their motoring costs, create a happier, more motivated workforce, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint – all at no extra cost to your business – contact us today on 01280 851113 to discuss this scheme in more detail with one of our experts, or email us.

My Staff Shop

Gemelli Retail Discounts Scheme
My Staff Shop Makes Money Go Further. With inflation hitting 2.3% in February, and even the Bank of England predicting it will reach 2.8% next year, many ordinary people are feeling squeezed as they see their real spending power reduced. Of course, one option is simply to cut back on spending or even do without some less essential items, but there is another solution which doesn’t require any such sacrifices and actually makes money go further. My Staff Shop is a retail discount scheme which makes it possible for employers to give their staff access to exclusive benefits and money-saving deals on a huge range of household and leisure expenditure, including high street and online shopping, holidays, dining, family days out, gym membership, cinema tickets, motoring, insurance, childcare, and loads more – all for just a small monthly fee per person.

One Website, a World of Savings
At the heart of this scheme is the My Staff Shop website, giving members information on a world of exclusive savings. The website – which can be branded to reflect the corporate identity of the participating business, is updated daily with all the latest deals, and is packed with ways to save, making it the first place for staff to visit ahead of any kind of purchase.

3 Ways My Staff Shop Helps Beat the Squeeze

Save on Shopping: 

  • My Staff Shop gives members no less than 5 ways to save on shopping.
  • Discount card: Saves members 7% on everything they spend in over 50 top high street retailers. Plus there are exclusive, member-only special offers uploaded to the My Staff Shop website every day.
  • Online Savings: On a range of lifestyle brands including APH, Thorntons, Virgin Media and Alton Towers Resort.
  • Reloadable Shopping Cards: From many of the UK’s leading brands and supermarkets including Pizza Express, Argos, Top Shop, B&Q, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose,  Sainsbury’s, PC World and ToysRus. Cards can be topped up at a discounted rate and used like cash to save money.
  • Cashback: Online rewards and money back offers at over 500 retailers. Each time a purchase is made, a percentage of the value is credited to the members personal web account for them to save or spend.
  • Telephone Shopping: Call suppliers direct or use a central number to access offers from suppliers including Haven, Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND and Warwick Castle.

Save on Gym Membership
As well as discounts on a wide range of health-related products and services including eye care and health screening, My Staff Shop members and their partners can get discounted membership at thousands of national and local gyms and fitness clubs across the UK. They simply login to the My Health & Fitness area on the website to locate their closest gym and download a voucher entitling them to the lowest corporate discount.

FREE Employee Assistance Programme
Life can be complicated, but with My Staff Shop, expert help is only ever a phone call away. Members and their immediate family have free, 24 /7 access to My Assistance Programme, a telephone service providing professional advice. Members receive  support from a qualified consultant or counsellor and a full clinical assessment where necessary, before being offered the most appropriate form of support, including counselling, information, guidance and resource referrals.

  • Emotional well-being, managing stress, anxiety, depression, disability & illness.
  • Work-life balance, bullying & harassment, workplace pressure, managing change, workplace relationships & careers.
  • Childcare, education, elder care, juggling work & family life, caring for others, domestic abuse & probate.
  • Consumer rights, health, wellness, debt & money management, relocation & immigration.
  • Pregnancy, new baby, adoption, marriage & cohabitation, separation & divorce, moving home, bereavement & retirement.

Benefits to Employers

  • Enhances employees’ pay at minimal cost.
  • Strengthens workforce engagement & loyalty.
  • Helps recruit, motivate & retain staff.
  • Employee Assistance Programme demonstrates you care about staff & their families & helps ensure a stress-free workforce.
  • Requires no minimum numbers & no administration.
  • Can be branded to your company.

Benefits to Employees

  • 7% savings at a wide range of retailers with discount card.
  • Exclusive member-only deals every day.
  • Big savings on eating out, days out, holidays, gym membership & more.
  • Online cash back.
  • Free access to Employee Assistance Programme for all the family.

Make My Staff Shop YOUR Staff Shop

Arrange a Demonstration Today. To arrange a demonstration of My Staff Shop, find out more about how this highly cost-effective employee benefit can be tailored to your business, and how it can help your staff make their money go further, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.

My Benefits Base

MyBenefitsBase - A Bespoke Online Solution for All Your Employee Benefits and Rewards

Employee benefit schemes are an integral part of most job packages, helping employers to recruit, motivate and retain the best staff, and in the case of salary exchange schemes, helping businesses to significantly reduce their payroll costs.With many companies offering their employees a diverse range of benefits – often supplied by different providers, keeping details of schemes up to date and communicating them effectively to staff can sometimes present a challenge for employers.

The solution? MyBenefitsBase from Gemelli...

What is MyBenefitsBase?

MyBenefitsBase is your own bespoke online solution, a space where you can host details of all the employee benefits you offer your staff, providing them with a single information point linked to your website or intranet. Your MyBenefitsBase solution will be exclusive to your organisation and branded to match your corporate identity – all for a very affordable set up cost and a small monthly fee.

Gemelli My Benefits Base

How MyBenefits Base Will Benefit Your Business

  • Brings all your benefit schemes from different providers together in just one place
  • Reduces internal communications and administration by making all information and forms available online
  • Supports new staff induction process
  • Quick and cost-effective way to keep staff updated with any changes to benefit packages
  • Helps to engender workforce engagement and increase uptake of benefits
  • No need to invest in creating your own expensive software solution

How MyBenefitsBase Will Benefit Your Staff

  • Lets your staff access employee benefit information easily and conveniently whenever they want on any digital device
  • Benefit details are presented clearly in easy to digest format with FAQ’s, links and help line information
  • Makes employee benefit information easily accessible to all staff including remote or mobile workers

MyBenefitsBase will help reduce the time you spend managing, administrating and communicating your employee benefit schemes – while increasing their uptake and effectiveness.

Get a Quote or Arrange a Demonstration

Call us now on 01280 851113, or email us. Read more about MyBenefitsBase.