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Holiday Exchange Scheme

Encourage employees to enjoy a great British Summer and let your business enjoy the rewards.

Successful businesses recognise that attracting and retaining good employees is not just about the salary offered, it’s about tailoring a package to suit individual needs – and, ideally, in a way that also benefits the company. Now that summer holidays have officially arrived, it’s the time of year when many businesses experience a bit of a slow-down during this seasonally quiet period. So what better time for employees to explore being able to extend their leave or take a few extra days out to really unwind and relax, or even treat themselves – especially when there’s a great British summer of cultural and sporting events just around the corner!

The British Grand Prix, Wimbledon, The Open, The Tour de France (well, it’s not far from Britain) and The Ashes all take place between now and the end of August.  And then there’s the Rugby World Cup to look forward to. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to attend one of the many music / literary / food festivals around the country, experience The Proms, open-air opera and theatre, or merely while away a day walking and picnicking in the beautiful British countryside.

The Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme allows you to do this. It gives employees the opportunity to pay for additional annual leave on top of their existing entitlement. Operating on a salary exchange basis the scheme allows extra days to be paid for by the employee over a maximum 12 month period, by having a set amount deducted monthly from their gross salary. This also means that a reduced amount of Tax and National Insurance Contributions is paid, which definitely makes sense.

There are many other benefits for both employer and employee, such as:

Benefits to Employer

  • Attracting and recruiting employees
  • Motivating employees and positively impacting their performance – reducing potential for absenteeism, and engendering better engagement, loyalty and retention
  • Enabling smaller companies to be on a par with larger companies
  • Differentiating you from your competitors
  • Expenditure savings – reducing your payroll spend which also saves Employer’s National Insurance by up to 13.8%

Benefits to Employee

  • Increased wellbeing and achieving a better work-life balance
  • Greater freedom and flexibility – being able to take extra time off when you need it or just to take extra holiday
  • No need to justify why additional leave is required
  • Savings of between 32% and 47% in tax and N.I
  • Spreading the cost of extra days over a 12 month period

It’s not just big companies who are able to offer a Holiday Exchange Employee Benefit Scheme. Gemelli make the whole process extremely straight forward and easy to understand, so that even small businesses with just a few employees can tailor schemes to suit their culture and business objectives. Of course, additional time off doesn’t just have to be spent enjoying favourite pastimes. Holiday Exchange means that there’s the flexibility to increase holiday allowance to cope with the unexpected, or to extend time spent at pre-planned events such as a wedding, a dream holiday, and visiting family abroad.

Summer comes but once a year... so contact us today!

To find out more and discuss how the Holiday Exchange Scheme  could work in the right way for you, contact us here at Gemelli Employee Benefits. Get in touch today on 01280 851113 or email us.  You’ll be amazed at how it can do wonders for both staff and businesses.

Salary Exchange Explained

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Save £1000's on childcare before it's too late...

Changes to the Childcare Voucher Scheme are due to come into force in autumn 2015, but the Government’s new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) plans have already received criticism: They will not be available for households with only one working parent, initially not for children over 5, it may leave one child families worse off  and parents will have to reapply every three months.

Until TFC comes into force though, employers can still offer staff the existing salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher Scheme. This current scheme, provides parents with vouchers and gives an annual tax saving of up to £933 per parent employee. Open to any size of business, employers can administer the salary sacrifice scheme themselves, or use a voucher provider who will operate the scheme on their behalf.

Heather Start, Director of Gemelli Employee Benefits said: “There’s still time for small business owners to make significant savings on childcare for themselves and for all companies to help their employees through the salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher Scheme. As well as helping working parents, businesses will also save up to £400 on Employers NI contributions per year per employee – why wait when you can make savings now.”

Any employees who are on the current Childcare Voucher Scheme prior to autumn 2015 will be able to continue receiving Childcare Vouchers until their child no longer qualifies, or until they move to a new employer.  This will keep their options open until they know which scheme suits them best.

Free ‘Tax Free Childcare Guide’ available. Email us or call us on 01280 851113.

Holiday Club Discounts for 2015...

We are delighted to announce that Gemelli customers can benefit from extra discounts with various Holidays Clubs
this summer - saving parents even more money when used in conjunction with their Gemelli Childcare Vouchers...

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Childcare is Changing…

Childcare is changing in 2015 - how will it impact you?

The Government have announced a new Childcare scheme which will be introduced from Autumn 2015.  Is it right for you or would you better off in the current scheme?

Car Leasing Scheme...

A new risk free way of offering a Car Leasing salary exchange scheme to employees.  What’s more if the employee moves on they can keep their car.

There is no initial deposit required and the car could even be for a partner or another member of the household.  Employers are not exposed to any scheme risk or liability and the scheme can be provided with minimum administration.  All employers have to do is to make the salary deductions and let us know if an employee leaves – everything else is managed directly with the employee.

If an employee leaves your employment mid-term, they can keep the car at the pre agreed rates, as they then pay the lease directly to the lease company, and can also take the lease to a new employer (with their consent) to continue the tax savings.