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Freshen up for 2019

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New Benefits for 2019

Mind the Gap! Has the End of Childcare Vouchers Left a Hole in Your Employee Benefits Programme?

With effect from October 2018, the long-running employer supported Childcare Voucher (CCV) Scheme closed to new applicants, to be replaced by the new, government-run Tax-Free Childcare Scheme (TFC).The original CCV scheme operated on a salary exchange basis. It was hugely popular with working parents, and according to government statistics*, more than 50,000 employers made the scheme available to staff through their employee benefit programmes.If your business was one of them, the closure of the scheme will have left a gap in the package of benefits you offer to your staff.But the end of the scheme also presents a great opportunity for you to freshen up your employee benefits programme. Instead of simply leaving a gap, why not replace CCV with one or more new employee benefits to help ensure your business continues to attract, motivate and retain the best staff?

At Gemelli, we have a wide selection of benefits for employers to choose from:

Salary Exchange Benefits
We have a number of Salary Exchange Benefits which operate in exactly the same way as the CCV scheme, with employees opting to exchange part of their salary in return for a benefit. These schemes cost nothing for you to implement and save both you and your employee money:

  • Gemelli Cycle to Work Scheme
    2019 is nearly here, and soon many of your staff will be making New Year resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles. The perfect time to introduce our Cycle to Work Scheme into your business and give your employees a real incentive to start cycling to work. Through the scheme, your employees can save up to 42% on the cost of purchasing a brand-new bike and essential safety accessories, with the option to spread repayments over 12 or 18 months. Your business will benefit too. You will have a fitter, healthier, happier and more motivated workforce, save on Employer’s NI contributions and improve your environmental credentials!
  • Gemelli Holiday Exchange Scheme
    Our Holiday Exchange Scheme gives your staff increased flexibility over their holiday allowance, enabling them to exchange part of their salary for additional days if they need them. It means staff are able to accommodate a wide range of events that would otherwise take them over their fixed holiday allowance. As well as helping your staff manage occasional work-life challenges, the scheme boosts workplace and saves your business and your employee money. Tax and NI savings mean employees can reduce the cost of purchasing unpaid leave by up to47% and spread over 12 months, while you save on payroll costs and Employer’s NI contributions, and benefit from reduced absenteeism.
  • Gemelli Car Leasing Scheme
    We’ve teamed up with a leading car benefit company to offer a scheme that gives your employees the opportunity to drive a brand-new car for a fixed price. One monthly payment covers all motoring outgoings including insurance, road tax, replacement tyres, breakdown cover, servicing, MOT and maintenance: everything in fact apart from fuel. The scheme requires no deposit payment, there is no check on credit history. All cars on the scheme have their carbon offset to make them carbon neutral, and if you want to, you can opt to introduce a CO2 emissions limit for cars in your fleet to help your business meet its environmental objectives.

Voluntary Benefits
We have an extensive selection of Voluntary Benefits to help your employees make their money go further. Our schemes encompass a diverse selection of products and services, offering money saving deals and discounts which any members of your team can choose to take up, paying for them themselves through payroll deferral:

Save as You Learn - Parking at Work - Health Screening - Cycle Insurance - Home Utilities - Health Cash Plans - Wills & Estates - Total Motor Assist - Funeral Care

Gemelli Employer Paid Benefits
Demonstrate to your staff how much you appreciate them by registering for one of our Employer Paid Benefits. We have schemes to enhance all aspects of your employees’ lives, and once you’ve signed up to a scheme, anyone in your team can take advantage.

Reward  & Recognition - Retail Discounts - Gym Membership - Health Cash Plans - Employee Assistance - Life Assurance - Pensions - Private Medical

Let Us Help You Make Easy Work of Managing All Your Employee Benefits
Collate and manage all the benefits you offer your team through My Benefits Base, an online portal branded to your business and linked to your website or intranet. Our solution gives your employees and management secure access to information on all the schemes you provide, improves communication and reduces administration.

Freshen Up Your Employee Benefits Programme for 2019
If your employee benefits programme still has a hole where your CCV scheme used to be, fill the gap ready for the start of 2019. For help and advice on freshening up your programme for the New Year, call us now on 01280 851113, or email us.


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