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Fixed Cost Motoring

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Salary Exchange Cars Employee Benefit Scheme

A new car...enjoy fixed cost motoring.

Most of us aspire to having a new car, but even assuming you can afford to finance the vehicle you have your eye on, the realities of ownership can soon take the shine off it. The independence that motoring brings is not so much fun if, every time you get behind the wheel you’re worrying about the cost of road tax, insurance, servicing, maintenance, replacement tyres, breakdown cover and accident management. So imagine how good it would feel if the only thing you had to think about was adding fuel. It might sound too good to be true, but adding fuel is all that drivers on the Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Leasing Scheme have to do to enjoy worry-free motoring.

Just add fuel... 

Available to companies with just 1 employee to those with hundreds, the scheme gives company directors and employees the opportunity to drive a car of their choice. They simply select their preferred contract term (2 or 3 years) and mileage allowance to create a package that suits their budget – and drive away for a fixed monthly cost to include everything except fuel. The scheme operates on a Salary Exchange basis so employees save on their tax and National Insurance payments – and employers save on their Employer National Insurance Contributions.

Benefits for Employers

  • No minimum employee numbers required
  • Save up to £150 per year in Class 1 National Insurance for each car in the scheme
  • Increase employee loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to helping your staff
  • Use the scheme to help retain & motivate existing employees
  • Attract & recruit new employees
  • No financial risk or liability to worry about if staff leave
  • Supports your company’s green credentials as the scheme promotes the use of low emission cars
  • Assurance that cars are always insured & maintained if used on company business

Benefits for Employees

  • Drive away in the car of your choice for less money
  • Fixed monthly price covers all your motoring costs – just add fuel
  • Enjoy tax & NI savings
  • No credit checks
  • No deposit required

Pricing Example

Whatever your budget, you’ll find the car and the deal that’s perfect for you. The following pricing example is based on a 24 month / 10,000 mile per annum contract on a Citroen DS 3 Diesel Hatchback, 1.6 BlueHDi, DStyle Nav 3dr. No deposit required. Includes road tax, maintenance & servicing, tyres, breakdown cover, accident management and business insurance.

Total net cost: £284.66 per month

You certainly won’t find deals like this at your local showroom. The tax, National Insurance and fleet savings are only available through a salary exchange scheme. Gemelli’s Salary Exchange Car Leasing Scheme is a highly tax efficient solution that makes affordable, fixed price motoring accessible to all company directors and employees.

Ready to pick up the keys..?

Call us on 01280 851113 to discuss this scheme with one of our experts and find out more about how the Gemelli Salary Exchange Car Leasing Scheme can benefit your employees and your organisation. Alternatively you can email us.

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